Sunday, March 1, 2020

Read, Watch, Listen - My Road to Sustainability

Read, Watch, Listen was an idea I had seen on a local TV show awhile ago where the hosts of the show would tell you what book they were currently reading, what YouTube of Netflix show they were currently binge watching and what podcast they were currently listening to. This is something that I want to incorporate into my high school classroom next year and thought it also fits into this blog right now as everything I am Read, Watch, Listening to right now has to do with sustainability.

Read: Currently I am reading the book The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard.

The first time I had heard about this book I immediately checked it out from the county library and couldn't get enough of it. The only problem was, I wanted to put what I was reading into action, but could not keep a copy of everything due to it being a library book. So I ordered a used copy on Amazon. It was the most sustainable way I could think of to be able to keep the book, make notes in it, highlight the facts I wanted to remember and not have to return it. So I am currently re-reading the book, making notes and marks throughout.

This is a book that will completely change your whole outlook on sustainability and the stuff you have in your house and, worse yet, the stuff you are placing into the garbage can at your house. She goes into great detail about how everything we own is made from either water, stone or metal that has been sourced from our earth and how we are destroying our lands, communities, waterways and even human life in order to have a house full of "stuff" that we feel that we need, or even deserve. It is an eye opening book, and has made me change the way I shop on a daily basis. If you or a friend is into living more sustainable, this is a great book.

Watch: currently I am obsessed with the YouTube channel Shelbizleee

She has coined the phrase: Eco-Minimalism which means, a lifestyle technique used to create the smallest demand possible for natural resource use in effort to save mother earth. Perfect! She has tons of video that cover her zero-waste efforts, good and bad. She shows you how she tries to shop zero-waste, how to thrift, dumpster dive and repair items that she loves. My favorites are her anti-hauls where she goes off on rants about products that we should never be purchasing - ever. I have used quite a few of her shopping tips and have purchased quite a few of the items that she has tested and recommends. She is young, cute, funny and has no problems telling it like it is. Just to warn you, she has some fun language thrown in, so if swearing turns you off, she might not be for you. But, she is honest, and when she is passionate about something, she is just showing it to all of us.

I find Shelbi to be an inspiration for me, and I am grateful that she has a platform like YouTube where she can take all that she is learning to teach us. I am currently going backwards through all of her videos that are relevant to me and my life. I am not watching her shopping at grocery stores that I do not have in my area, even though I might be able to pick up some good tips from those too. I love the fact that she and her girlfriend just bought a new house and they are going through small changes to make their house more eco-friendly. If you are into living a more zero-waste life, she will have some inspiration for you in her videos. Be sure to check a few out.

Listen: I just started the podcast: Hippie Haven Podcast

I have just learned about this podcast and am just beginning to dig into it. Their page states that "every Wednesday on the Hippie Haven podcast, learn how to live harmoniously with yourself, others and the planet. We talk about all things hippie, including eating vegan, reducing your trash, starting an ethical business, eco-activism, gardening, beekeeping, tiny house living and so much more." I had been looking for a podcast that covers more sustainability topics, and I found it.

I am in the car for quite a few hours a week as I am driving back and forth to my college classes. This is a great way to pass the time in the car with: no commercials, no losing signal and it runs continually from one episode to the next without me touching it. I personally listen to it on Premium Spotify, but am guessing that it is on all major podcast streaming services. I am only a couple of episodes in, but am enjoying what I am hearing so far. I'll keep you all posted.

Up next week: Revamping my Master Bathroom

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