Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Day Two: COVID-19 Self Quarantine - Our Story

Day Two: Kids are already bored

Monday, March 16, 2020

Updates: My daughter's University classes have all now been moved to online classes for the rest of the year. My oldest son's University classes are all online now to finish up the year. My University is currently online for 30 days, and my student teaching is in question as the high school I am teaching at is going digital next week (we are on spring break right now). The problem is, my district is not a 1:1 district and not all students have access to computers and internet. So it will be interesting.

9:30am - We were finally able to sleep in! I can't tell you how good it felt to finally get some real sleep after the worst sleep I've had in the past five days. Slowly woke up, took a shower and just relaxed for awhile.

10:00am - Oldest son was already doing the dishes and let the dogs outside and was getting ready to make breakfast for everybody. Who is this kid? I have never met this one before.

10:30am - Unfortunately, hubby has to go into work to collect files, and everything he will need to work from home. He is in the mortgage business at a major bank. Customers are thinking the zero rates that were put out yesterday from the government apply to home loans too. I wish! Home mortgage rates have increased, in case you were looking.

11:00am - It is starting to snow. Seriously, snow. Just what we need right now.

11:30am - Wake up youngest son, as I just realized that he was still sleeping! Only to find out he was up until 2:00am watching TikTok videos.

12:00pm - Stir my Amish Friendship Bread, only eight more days for it to finish.

1:00pm - I hear husband yell from the bathroom that he finished off the first roll of toilet paper since this all started to go down. Not panicking yet, but one roll down.

1:15pm - Starting the second Avengers movie on Disney + - Captain Marvel.

3:30pm - Tried to talk the youngest boy into reading for half an hour. Needless to say, he was not happy about it. You would have thought that I asked him to run around the block naked. In the end, he did read for 30 minutes, and the oldest boy gave him a book.

4:00pm - Apparently the reading was too much for the boys, they decided to go take a nap. Hubby was working from home at this point and I ended up cleaning up my master closet.

4:45pm - Youngest son is bored again, he took one of the dogs for a longer than normal walk today. Dog is starting to get suspicious of a walk two days in a row, but she didn't complain. Not funny, but I took the time to order refills on everybodies prescriptions. Hopefully this is an unneeded purchase and we will laugh about it later. But seriously for a minute, make sure your elderly family members have their prescriptions filled with at least a 30-60 day supply.

5:00pm - Took a break from everything to watch the local news. I have been trying to only watch the news once a day...for obvious reasons. The Governor of the State of Minnesota was having a press conference so we needed to watch it. He stated that the bars and restaurants are closing in our state starting tomorrow. You know the State of Minnesota is cooler than all other states when we have Andrew Zimmern, wearing a Gopher Football jersey, at the podium trying to calm the state down about the restaurants closing.

6:00pm - Oldest son is hungry. Time for take-out! Hubby ordered some Chinese Take-out, and my son is making a vegetable stir fry to accommodate it. I want to use up the fresh produce first so that it doesn't go to waste.

6:19pm - Hubby left the house to go get the Chinese Take-out. Thinking about being mean to him and spraying him down with Lysol when he returns, but if he's holding our food, might need to pass.

6:35pm - Hubby is home from getting the food. May have flashed him through the front window. Sorry to any of the neighbors that may have seen that.

8:00pm - Time for movie number two of the day - Iron Man. Apparently I need to watch two Avenger movies on a few days to be able to get through all of them in two weeks time.

10:00pm - After doing not much of anything today, boys are exhausted and actually both go to bed on their own at 10:00. I have not been able to get them to go to bed that early on a school night in years. Hmmm, interesting. Might need to do some secret research on this.

Stay safe my friends.

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