Saturday, March 21, 2020

Day Six: COVID-19 Self Quarantine - Our Story

Day 6: PMS & Sewing Masks 😈😷

Friday, March 20, 2020

For some reason I woke up crabby today. Like I went downstairs and was trying to pick a fight with hubby for no reason at all. Then he said that I must be PMSing. WHAT, are you serious right now? Did you really just say that to me? Oh crap, I think he's right. I slowly back out of the kitchen and go back to my bedroom. 

8:00am - Even with two ear plugs in overnight, I still hear hubbies cell phone alarm and start to wake up.

9:30am - Receive a call from one of my mentor teachers for my student teaching. Trying to get a game plan together for how student teaching will look when we are not allowed to teach in front of students. I just want the next six weeks to go smoothly so that I can graduate. I don't care anymore if I "walk" in a ceremony, I just want to graduate. 
Hubby's Grandma, just turned 100!

11:00am - Oldest son is awake and instantly started unloading the dishwasher. I have to say, I am enjoying having him around. Main floor bathroom has gone through another roll of toilet paper. Making a mental note that living with three men just might be better then living with three women right now when it comes to toilet paper consumption. 🚽

11:30am - Time for the first movie of the day - Captain America Winter somebody or another. They are all starting to look the same. I have figured out their algorithm. Bad guy appears, causes havoc on the community, super hero shows up, gets into trouble, another super hero friend appears out of nowhere, together they defeat the bad guy. I should be writing screen plays for Disney!

2:00pm - Well my whole day just changed as I discovered that home sewers can start making face masks to be used in the community. Remember earlier in the week when I cleaned my sewing room? I put a bunch of fabric that was too big to get thrown out and too small to be hung on a hanger in my stash closet. They are all the perfect size to start getting cut up into masks. I messaged my husband's grandmother''s nursing home and they will accept them. I also messaged the largest homeless shelter in our area, but have not heard back from them yet. Plus, these masks are totally sustainable, which fits into everything that I believe in. They can be washed and even sterilized over and over again, so they will not end up in the landfills until they are worn out. Time to get sewing again!

Cold day today
4:00pm - Been ironing and cutting fabric for awhile now. Hubby is finishing up his online work day, boys have been playing video games ALL DAY. Time for everybody to go for a walk. We need fresh air, it's not even 30° out, but the fresh air feels good.

4:30pm - Time to veg out for awhile. Boys are on the video games again, hubby is doing something on the computer, not sure what, and I am playing on Facebook. Lots of COVID posts out there, but also making sure everybody is ok and nobody needs anything. Not watching the news tonight, too much information overload.

5:30pm - Get back to the sewing room, cut more masks. Laugh to myself at the fun fabrics that I am using.

7:00pm - Late dinner tonight, but I didn't have to make it again. The grill was involved and we are having hamburgers and tator tots. We have officially run out of plain yellow mustard. Only the oldest son really likes mustard, so I told him to toughen up and try ketchup.

8:00pm - Second movie of the day, trying to keep up with these so I can watch a movie I want to watch. Tonight is the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I like Chris Pratt, he was my favorite on Parks & Rec. I honestly can say, I don't remember him being so muscular in Parks & Rec.

10:00pm - Watch the news for the day. Minnesota is up to 115 cases now. 

Fabric to start cutting
10:30pm - Head back to the sewing room. Felt like I have been up here all day. Is that really such a bad thing? At the end of the day, I have cut 60 child sized masks and over 80 adult sized masks. I am not doing this for any glory what so all, I am just letting you guys know so that it might inspire others to see what they can do to help others in our community.

Good night everybody, tomorrow Saturday! Let's face it, everyday feels like a Saturday right now.

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