Monday, March 16, 2020

Day One: COVID-19 Self Quarantine - Our Story

Follow along here as we self quarantine for the next 14 days, through humor, activities and what our family is doing to survive.

Why are we self quarantining?

Well, my oldest son was in Ireland with his college for a study abroad program. Unfortunately, his studies were cut short by two months, and our spring break to go and visit with him was cancelled the day before thanks to the travel ban. So, due to him traveling home from a foreign country, we have self quarantined just to keep everybody safe.

Day 1: Our Oldest Son is Home

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Our oldest son came home yesterday from Ireland, so my only goal for the day was to sleep in! I had not been sleeping well knowing he was traveling for 30 hours to get back to us. Now that he is safe under my roof, I just want to get some deep sleep.

5:00am - Phone rings, unknown number from Phoenix, AZ. My older parents live in Phoenix in the winter months, I feared the worse. It was Chase Travel calling me back from my inquiry yesterday about trying to cancel our last hotel reservation. They said it would be a 45 minute wait for a call back. It was over 17 hours, and after waiting on hold for an hour, in the dark half asleep, they hung up on me.

6:00am - Went to back bed, never really fell back asleep. Played on my cell phone.

9:00am - Begin moving around the house, made hearty breakfast, hubby took one dog for a walk.

10:00am - I instituted the 30 minutes house cleaning rule. We set a timer on Alexa, and everybody had to clean something in the main living areas of the house. Clean house, Clear head, Can't catch it.

covid-19 prep
Roma Tomatoes
10:30am - Realize that we really only need 20 minutes to clean the main living areas. Dig out my seed starters tray, and plant up my Roma tomato plants. Planted early, because I was going to plant them when we got home from spring break. Set them in front window in the sun. Makes me crave summer.

11:00am - Hubby and I work on our homework (online of course) while the two boys each start playing Call of Duty-Modern Warfare on their xbox.

12:59pm - Hubby and oldest son (who just turned 21) decide that during a pandemic, it is ok to start drinking a beer at 1:00. Wait one more minute, crack open a beer.
covid-19 prep
Amish Friendship Starter

1:00pm - Dig out my recipes and find recipe for Amish Friendship Bread and start a starter that will be ready in the next 10 days. Pull out the bread machine and start my favorite Light Oat Bread recipe, with the all-purpose flour that we pillaged from Walmart in the past few days.

2:00pm - Start our movie marathon of Marvel Avenger movies. My son was shocked that I have only ever seen one Marvel movie, and his goal through this 14 days, is to make me watch each Avengers movie in chronological order.

4:30pm - Finished watching Captain America, already have frozen lasagna in the oven (man, 2 hours to bake it is long). Start to bake the oat bread that has been rising in the front window in the sun.
captain America movie
Watching Captain America

5:00pm - Kids are bored already. Send youngest up to his room to try to clean it. Never happens.

5:01pm - Both boys start playing xbox again.

6:00pm - Dinner time of large frozen lasagna and homemade bread. Men have another beer.

7:00pm - After dinner has been finished, dishes done, oldest son & I take the other dog for a walk. Conversation on the walk turns serious for a few minutes, as I tell him how grateful I am that he is back home and how I was afraid he was going to get stuck and not be allowed to travel back home. Dog then poops, conversation lightens, and we joke and laugh on the last loop back home.

getting ready to quilt
Clean Sewing Room
8:00pm - Hubby starts homework again. I go upstairs to clean out my sewing room. I have great plans to start and finish a whole quilt for our daughters wedding in October 2020. It will be a signature quilt that will be used in place of a guest book. Boys are Facetime'ing their friends who are scattered across the country on spring break. Jealous that they are in swimming suits while we are stuck inside.

9:00pm - After sewing room cleaning was a success, I start my Netflix binge of Ozark. I have only 4 episodes left of the second season. You know where I will be for the next four hours.

1:00 am - Officially the next day. Finish watching Ozark. Oh my gosh you guys, that show is SO GOOD! Watch it if you have a chance. Everybody else in the house is long asleep. I check on everybody, check all the doors, put the dogs in their kennels and head off to bed.

Day one down, only 13 to go.

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