Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Day Nine: COVID-19 Self Quarantine - Our Story

Day 9: New way to Student Teach & Long Walk

Monday, March 23, 2020

It's a new "work week" with the new norm in place. Both hubby and I are on Zoom Meetings to start the day off. Good thing we each have our own laptops, not sure how some families are going to be able to both work from home, and have their kids doing online school work. We are blessed.

8:45am - Got onto a Zoom meeting with all of the Family & Consumer Science Teachers in the high schools in the district I am student teaching in. Wow, these ladies (and one guy) have really put in a lot of work already to make this whole distance learning run smoothly for our students. I will have the most interesting student teaching stories to tell for years to come.

11:00am - Meeting has finished and I realize the true level of my exhaustion. I wake up the youngest son, and lay on the bed for a minute.

2:00pm - Holy cow, is it day or night? What day of the week is it? Apparently I fell asleep and hubby let me sleep because I got about three hours of sleep last night. I jumped out of bed and tried to shake the cobwebs out of my head. Head downstairs to find some food, I am real hungry.

2:30pm - Zone out for awhile and figure out a game plan for how the rest of my student teaching
is going to be. The days are starting to blend together and each day is seeming to be the same as the last day. I am going to need a way make each one of my days different from the others to make them feel like different days. 

4:00pm - Sewing again. I am up to sewing about 4-5 hours a day now. I went through my first spool of thread. It seems to calm me and I have something to focus on that I can control. I am enjoying making face masks, and I enjoy all the different fabrics. It's like quilting, without quilting.

6:00pm - Dinner time! Hubby made goulash and it turned out really good. You know how sometimes you make goulash and there is too many noodles, or the sauce is to runny and it just doesn't taste good, well this was not that one. He even put some jalapeno peppers into it, and I didn't hate it. Who am I? I hate all types of peppers, but I was really hungry, and I didn't have to make it, so I wasn't picky.

7:30pm - Need to go for a walk. We haven't walked in two days, and I need some fresh air. We walked over to the oldest son's fiance's house. She lives about a mile away, all back roads, and mostly sidewalks. It was a fun new walk, and it was good to see different neighborhoods.

7:45pm - Made it to her house. Called her, and we had a conversation from the driveway to her bedroom window. It was kind of funny. Her youngest sister (My favorite 5th grader) was playing in the backyard with her best friend (6 feet apart 🤣) and it hurt my heart to not be able to give her a hug. She wanted to come run towards us when she saw us, but we had to stop her. I did not like that at all.

8:00pm - Start the walk home. We passed a house where they had chalk laying out and drew a big square on their driveway. They wanted to fill the box with first names of everybody who was walking by. Such a cute idea. And because we never walk this way, we would be new names for them. And had to take a picture too. Walked past a good friends house from the swimming/diving team, waved at their Ring doorbell. Hopefully that will make them laugh later on if they watch it.

9:00pm - Spoke with my parents again, and trying to get a game plan to get them home from their winter house. We found a one-way airfare ticket from Minneapolis to Phoenix for $17.40 each. Seriously! For under 20 bucks I could be in Arizona right now. Funny times.

10:00pm - Heading to bed, have to work in the morning.

Continue to stay safe as we all learn a new normal.

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