Thursday, March 19, 2020

Day Four: COVID-19 Self Quarantine - Our Story

Day 4: Starting to Get Bored... ✂

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

What day of the week is it? I am already confused about what day is what. I might need to start an actual paper calendar so that I can keep track of the days. How did Gilligan's Island people survive this? (I know it was a TV show, just trying to be funny...)

7:30am - Woke up naturally without an alarm clock. Seriously, circadian rhythm might just be my new thing.

8:30am - Talked to my daughter on the phone as she was still required to go into work. Her University is all online now, but her job is still open. She was not happy that I was not including her into these daily blog posts. So here you go honey! BTW, she has her own house, so she is not quarantining with us. In fact, when she knew her brother was safe at home from study abroad, she literally said "I'll see you all in 14 days."

9:00am - Hubby is back online doing his work from home. He is trying to speak to other companies to verify employment and retirement funds for his clients. Getting harder and harder to speak to a real person.

10:00am - Going for our morning walk with out the dogs this time. Decided to take the oldest boy with us instead. They are of course practicing social distancing while walking 😜 We have been waving at everybody else that is out walking. 

11:00am - Video called my folks in Arizona. Been checking on them everyday to make sure they have enough food, prescriptions and of course toilet paper. First time I have video chatted with them. I think they enjoyed that more.

11:30pm - I have recleaned the kitchen and vacuumed the whole house. I am fearful that I am starting to get bored. Guess that means it's time to start sewing!

11:45am - Head up to the sewing room that I had already cleaned earlier in the week. I want to start working on my daughter's wedding guest book quilt. I gather all of my supplies, try to take a cute picture →and then turn on Alexa so I can catch up on my podcasts. Alexa won't connect to my phone.

1:00pm - After working on the Alexa Dot for an hour, I finally get her reconnected to my phone. Seriously, an hour on this, and I needed hubby's help because apparently "my temper is high today"
Start to cut all the white 4.5X4.5 squares for the quilt. They are wrinkly and I will need to iron them tomorrow. That's all I can handle today. I guess my temper is a little high today.

2:00pm - Time to watch the first of two movies for today. First up is Thor. Wow, Chris Hemsworth is really not too hard to look at, is he. I am starting to see the draw to these movies. I want to jump ahead to the next Thor movies, but the boy won't let me...

4:30pm - The struggle to make the youngest boy read today was a little easier. He didn't put up a fight to have to read, he just did it. We are making progress. I wish our public libraries were open, I would get him anything he wanted to read at this point, just to keep him reading.

5:00pm - News time. Minnesota is up to 77 cases now. 

6:00pm - Something miraculous happened. Hubby made dinner without even asking. Yes, he does cook here and there, but it normally involves a grill. He jumped up and said he had a craving for bean burritos and searched my pantry for the refried beans. Beef and bean burritos for dinner tonight!

7:00pm - After dinner, oldest son is trying to explain to the younger son that if you put your dirty dishes right into the dishwasher that it is easier to clean up. Who the hell is this kid? College has been good for him. Neither his dorm/apartment on campus or his apartment in Ireland had a dishwasher, so he was stuck washing dishes by hand. He is turning into a strong Jedi teaching the little Padawan how to fend for himself.

8:00pm - Quick walk around the neighborhood and then it is time for PHASE 10! I don't know if your family knows about the card game Phase 10, but my family is addicted to it. One Christmas Day we played this game for over two hours!

9:00pm - Another Marvel movie is in the plans for the evening. Tonight - The Avengers. It was a pretty good movie. Funny thing is, Disney+ doesn't have the first Hulk movie, so I wasn't able to watch that one. I had to pull from the original Hulk TV show from the 1970s in my head to make Bruce Banner's character make sense. Personally, I like Lou Ferrigno better, just sayin'.

11:30pm - Movie is finally over and I threw my circadian rhythm right out the window staying up way to late to watch this movie.

Four days down on this "human experiment" only ten more days to go. 

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