Friday, March 20, 2020

Day Five: COVID-19 Self Quarantine - Our Story

Day 5: Leftovers for lunch & graduation cancelled 😢 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Today was a trip to Walmart for food, that was not as disappointing as you may think, cribbage tournaments, graduation cancellations, a bad movie and lots of fabric cutting.

9:00am - Wake up to the sound of the dish washer being unloaded and the smell of bacon. Feels like it should be Saturday, as that is my Saturday morning wake up alarm. Nope, only Thursday. Fall back asleep.

10:30am - Finally wake up. Wow did I screw up my schedule by watching that movie way to late last night. Need to get back onto a better routine today.

10:45am - Head to the main level, grab some bacon and look outside. Gray, cloudy and raining. What a depressing looking day. I have zero energy and am fearful of not accomplishing anything today. I seriously am starting to understand Jack Torrance and what he went through. No, I'm not going to try to murder my whole family, but I understand the whole "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Hopefully you guys caught that Shining reference.

11:30am - Heading to Walmart for a few supplies. Put make-up on for the first time in a week. Why am I wearing make-up? If I see anybody, I am not going to talk to them anyways. And, I have a buff to cover my face anyways. I don't know, maybe I just wanted to look pretty while going out...

12:45pm - Home from Walmart. The only thing they did not have on my list was flour. It is not as bad out there as they are making it seem! We really needed butter (Kerry Gold was still in stock!) and Dawn type dish soap (we got a Gain).
If you can substitute your favorite brands and be creative, you will be ok. If you need toilet paper, I am sorry, start cutting up those old t-shirts you were going to give to the Goodwill anyways.

12:46pm - Have to clean out the refrigerator to make the food fit. Lunch will be epic as it is a mixture of all the leftovers we have. Sadly, found a bunch of kale in the back of the fridge I forgot about. It is dried out and crunchy! Into the compost bin it goes. But in all seriousness, I don't think I would have eaten it even if I did remember about it.....

1:30pm - After lunch, games of cribbage for all the boys. Oldest boy is swearing because he is losing, and youngest boy got skunked already. Things are starting to heat up. I quietly sneak upstairs to the sewing room to start my ironing.

2:00pm - Make the boys each write a card to their Grandparents in Arizona. It is the 30 minutes of book reading all over again. They want to just call them and talk to them. I tried to explain that this has more meaning and will be welcomed. Also make them send a 100th birthday card to their Great Grandma, my husband's paternal Grandma. She turned 100 last week, on Friday the 13th, and we had to cancel her party. Starting to wonder if there is a connection here. Naw, she's a fun Grandma, and she was never very excited to talk about her birthday anyways. I talked to her two weeks ago at a family funeral, mentioned to her that she has a big birthday coming up. Her exact words were "Why does everybody keep talking about that!" Um, because turning 100 is a big darn deal. She's so funny.

2:30pm - Read my college email only to find out they have cancelled my graduation ceremony. 😭      I completely understand, it's just disappointing. I have worked for four years, driving 2.5 hours each way to Mankato, while working full-time and part-time, to finally finish my four-year degree, and everything hits the fan 💩. I can walk in the fall ceremony, but I would then need to take time off of my new teaching gig to drive to Mankato for it. My daughter, future daughter-in-law, husband and myself are all graduating college in the next few months. Planning some sort of virtual graduation ceremony now. I will need to live stream it and we need to make it epic! Please comment below if you have any ideas. And pray that this will all be over before my daughter's wedding in October.

3:00pm - Boys playing video games with their friends online, hubby doing more homework, I'm playing on Facebook. I need to get busy doing something. I need to move. Trying to figure out a way to host a virtual dance party. I know many of my Facebook friends would join, just need to think out the best way to accomplish this.

3:15pm - Forgot to take care of my Amish Friendship bread. Added one cup of flour, sugar and milk and stirred well. Went to check on my tomato seeds. They are starting to grow! It's only been five days since I planted them and they are growing like weeds already!

4:00pm - Time to cut up some more fabric for the wedding quilt. I got all of the small 2.5X2.5" squares cut that will be the corner stones in the blocks. Thinking that I should have time in the next week to start sewing them all together.

5:00pm - New time again. I am starting to feel like we live in a communist country where we all need to turn into the TV to see what the President is telling us today. Once the news is over, I need to turn the TV off again because I can only handle so much talking about Corona anymore.

6:00pm - Dinner time. Brats and asparagus on the grill tonight. Hopefully by summer time when we start grilling almost every single night, this will all be a distant memory and we can get back to living a "normal" life.

7:00pm - Starting another Avengers movie - Iron Man 3. Wow, that was a throw away movie. It was really reaching to find a plot. So far, my least favorite Marvel movie. But, thanks to watching this movie early I will be able to go to bed at a decent time today.

9:30pm - Not tired yet. Catch up on some of my HULU shows that have been taping. There was a new American Housewife, and that was just the comedy that I needed. Have you guys watched American Housewife? If not, binge it, it is one of my favorite TV shows right now, so funny.

11:30pm - Still awake but now upstairs in bed. I can't sleep. I walk downstairs to tell hubby I can't sleep. So he nicely said he will come to bed, thinking that I can't sleep without him next to me. So he comes to bed, and instantly starts snoring. Goodness! Now it's not just that I can't sleep, but he's to noisy for me to be able to sleep. Two ear plugs going in. Finally able to fall asleep.

Stay safe my friends.

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