Monday, March 23, 2020

Day Eight: COVID-19 Self Quarantine - Our Story

Day 8: Live Streaming Church & Delivering Masks 💻😷

Sunday, March 22, 2020

While live streaming Mass from our church, I discovered that my three dogs each have the same personality traits as my three children. See 9:00 below for complete story.

9:00am - Logged into my home churches web site as they are live streaming Mass this morning. We normally attend 11:00 Mass because we like to sleep in and watch CBS Sunday Morning, but I woke up early for the 9:00. This is when I discovered that my three dogs have the same personality traits as my three children. 

  • Mable the Chihuahua - She is my daughter. She sits nicely during Mass and pays attention. She is mature and follows the rules. She will show her teeth if you push her too hard, but she is the easiest of my dogs, and children.
  • Ivy the Pitbull/Whippet mix - She is my oldest son. Hyper and has issues sitting still. She pokes at the other dogs and tries to egg them on too. Doesn't care if she gets into trouble or not.
  • Fluffy the Pekingese/Shih Tzu mix (she is 17 years old) - She is my youngest son. Constantly whining (talking) and always needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of Mass. She actually pooped right in front of us on the floor during Mass! 

My dogs are my children! Everyone of my children have a pull towards one of the dogs, and I think I just proved why. 
Mable watching Mass with me.

10:30am - Hubby is making his traditional Sunday morning breakfast for everybody. Today is fried egg sandwiches on an english muffin with bacon. I wanted him to make a pound of bacon so I can make my famous jalapeno grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch today.

11:00am - Hubby finishing up some homework for the weekend. He is just plugging away with his courses so that he can graduate this spring. I went upstairs again to my sewing room to sew more masks. I have discovered that pinning in the elastic is the longest part of making them. Once they are pinned, they only take about 5 minutes to sew them to completion.

1:00pm - Hungry. Time to make some jalapeno/bacon grilled cheeses. This is one of my families favorite sandwiches, and I got the recipe from an "eat only at Aldi for a week" type of page. It is delicious, and I hate peppers. TikTok below, because does it really even count if there isn't a TikTok about it?

1:30pm - Daughter pulls up into the driveway to pick up her two sandwiches to-go. I video called her and her fiance from the Alexa Show, and they placed their order for two sandwiches. She lives 10 minutes away, and she showed up in the driveway with her Door Dash bag! She is so funny.

2:00pm - Hubby and oldest boy is playing video games again, youngest boy went to take a nap. I am back sewing again.

6:00pm - Dinner time already. Cutting up potatoes and onions to bake in the oven, while steaks are going on the grill. Yummy.

6:30pm - While potatoes are baking (oldest son is keeping an eye on them) hubby and I drive to Grandma's Nursing Home to drop off the 30+ face masks that were finished up today. It felt like a weird drug deal. We pulled up, I made a phone call, someone walked to the door and I passed the bag of to her. Will be sewing more up tomorrow that will be going to a different nursing home this time.

33 masks finished
7:00pm - Time to eat dinner. Figure out that the youngest son is still napping! Oh boy, he's not going to bed tonight. Plus I bet he is growing again right now because he is eating everything and sleeping all the time.

8:00pm - Time to start thinking about my work for tomorrow. Read all the emails, read all the powerpoints, wonder how I am going to have a successful student teaching experience when we are all learning how to do this at the same time? I just want to help where I can, but I am learning twice as much right now.

10:30pm - Time for bed. For not doing much today except sewing, I am pooped. 

Here's to a successful and safe week coming up.

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