Thursday, February 13, 2020

Who Gives A Crap - My Road to Sustainability

New Years Resolution 2020 - To be more sustainable

Two years ago was the last time I have posted on this blog....and I have missed you all!

As many of you know I started my journey to finish up my four year degree and obtain my teaching license in Family and Consumer Science. Well, as of right now I am full time student teaching at a local high school and will be graduating in just four months. That is the main reason I have been MIA with this blog.

But, onto my New Year's Resolution from 2020. It is Valentine's Day tomorrow, and I heard a statistic that at least 95% of people have long given up on their resolutions. Well, I am part of the 5%!

My New Year's resolution was to do something sustainable every week and to try new things and research new ideas. I am still going strong. I will share with you items and actions that I have taken, and will try to post every week what actions I have taken to remain loyal to my resolution. I am not being compensated for any of these companies, they are just companies I have researched and find to fit into my life choices. I will be doing a post about each week and what we did to become more sustainable.

Week #1: Who Gives A Crap 

If you think about it, we are growing trees to be cut down, processed (with chemicals), and shipped to stores so we can wipe our butts after we use the bathroom. After thinking deeply about this, it is quite disturbing and quite frankly disgusting that a tree has to give up it's life to be flushed down my toilet. But what about how they are packaged? Doesn't individually wrapping each roll cause more garbage? The paper wrapping around each roll is 100% recyclable or better yet, reusable. I have been saving mine for my Fashion Apparel Design class that will be using the wrappers in their  "Project Runway" dress out of recycled paper. People use it to wrap small gifts, use it like paper for lists, use it to make braided wrap baskets, rip it up to make seed paper, fold them into little pouches for seed starters or weave them into coasters or placemats. Any paper craft you enjoy, these wrappers can be used for also. The tube inside is also a little thicker than the larger brands, so it would also be a great craft item for elementary students if you know a teacher to donate them too. There is no plastic in any part of this product from the product itself to shipping, and that checks my boxes in sustainability.

But, how does the toilet paper actually feel? I can say that I really like the bamboo version. There is no dyes, perfumes or even compressed designs on it. It is soft on our delicate parts and is a three-ply, so it does the job with the same amount of paper as the large brands. My daughter, who has been known to clog a toilet she uses so much toilet paper, really likes the recycled paper. Her new house is a well and septic system, and the toilet paper has been working well with her septic. I am not sure if she is using more or less, but hasn't complained. And trust me, if she isn't happy with her toilet paper, she lets everybody know! She actually Tweeted about it the one time I accidentally bought 1-ply paper about four years ago. I have no complaints about strength or softness.

Our bamboo toilet paper came in fun black and white patterned paper and the recycled toilet paper came in brightly colored paper. I am not sure if this changes with what they have, or if it will always be the same, but I am excited to see when my next subscription box comes in a few months.


Company: Who Gives A Crap
Why sustainable: bamboo & recycled toilet paper
Packaging: plastic free
Price: about the same as large brands
Advantages: delivered to my door, can use for craft projects
Company Mission: They donate 50% of their profits to non-profit organizations working to improve access to hygiene, water and basic sanitation in developing countries
My Implementation: just sign up for a subscription online, they deliver to my door and I get a more sustainable product to use in my home
Coupons: they offer free shipping over $50 and there are many $10 off coupon codes online

Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Next week: Bamboo Toothbrushes

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