Monday, February 5, 2018

Winter Olympics Trivia {free printable}

Can you believe it's time for the Winter Olympics already? I love the Olympics. The stories, the competition and the medal ceremonies. It's just all so exciting.

So to help you celebrate the Winter Olympics, I have created a fun, free printable with Winter Olympics trivia for you to print out. Some are harder than others, and a smartphone will probably come into play, but give them to your kids and let them research to find the correct answers (which are on the second page for you). Best part is that this trivia is not year specific, so this can be used for ANY Winter Olympics (if you are just finding this now and it's years later). 

Be sure to have your friends print out pages for their kids too. Or better yet, tell your kids teachers and they can do it as a fun school project. It's free after all!

Enjoy, and go Team USA!

Winter Olympics Trivia 

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Print from link above :)

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