Friday, January 26, 2018

Super Bowl 52 Math Challenge {for kids}

With the activity of the Super Bowl starting today, it is time to post the Math Challenge for kids. It goes through a imaginary game with the different scores and plays. Kids do the math involved to keep track of the score between the two teams and find out the final score and winner of the game.

This is by no means the outcome of Super Bowl 52 but a fun way to get kids more involved in current events and doing some math along the way.

There are three sheets to this worksheet, and it is all free to use! The first is the actual word problems for the game, second is the worksheet where they can do their math problems and show their work, the third page is the answer key. Print as many word problems and worksheets as you have kids doing it, print only one answer sheet so you can go over it after they are done.

On a side note: this was a very hard worksheet for me to make as I am a lifelong Minnesota Vikings fan. But as any lifelong Vikings fan says, "There is always next year".

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