Monday, November 6, 2017

Estate Sale Quilt Top Find

Quilting makes me happy, it also frustrates me. I love mixing and matching all the colors of fabric together and making fun and colorful blocks, but I hate the actual quilting part of the projects. 
Recently my husband and I went to a "last day, 1/2 off" estate sale in our neighborhood. Now this is only the second estate sale I have ever been to, and the first one was so over priced I was laughing most of the time. But at this sale I found what I call a needle in a haystack.
I purchased three, unfinished, hand sewn quilt tops with vintage fabric. One was a tumbling blocks pattern, one a grandmother's flower garden and one was hand embroidered blocks. I also got some half sewn and unsewn pieces that match the flower garden. And did I mention I only paid $17.50 for all of it? That was the best part.

I took them home and carefully unfolded them to see what kind of shape and at what stage of completion they were in. They are just the tops, but there are no holes or rips and they all smell good too. I am so excited to start working with them.

My daughter has called "dibs" on this one above, and I think there is enough to either make a twin sized quilt, or cut it down and make two baby quilts. The pink one is baby quilt sized and I should be able to cut down the tumbling blocks for two baby quilts too.

My one mistake. I really wished I would have asked the first name of the woman that had started these tops. I would have loved to embroider her name onto the label of the quilts once I finish them. I really do regret that.

I will post pictures along the way as I work on and finish off these three remarkable quilts. I totally have my winter projects set now!

What is the best thing you found at a estate sale? What did you end up doing with it? Let me know below in the comments.

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