Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Styles from Old Navy

With summer finally officially here it is time to start looking at that summer wardrobe. I work at a school during the rest of the year, so when summer rolls around, I like to wear shorts as much as possible, but who wants to pay high prices for them? Not me. Me and my family head over to Old Navy to try to score the best prices on the latest trends and styles at the best price possible.

This post is sponsored by Old Navy, meaning if you click on any of the links I suggest, I will receive a small commission. 

Summer 2017 Latest Styles at Old Navy

The latest look this year is relaxed off the shoulder tops and Old Navy has this super cute striped one this year. The yellow stripes will look smashing against your tanned skin and finish it off with these white shorts for the easiest summer look ever. Many other colors available, but I have always been drawn to yellow during the summer months. If you go to any college campus right now you will see all the ladies wearing off the shoulder tops in every color imaginable. I know my daughter has at least three tops already this year!

Not quite a size 2 anymore, no worries, they have you covered (pun totally intended). I seriously can't even remember the last time I was a size 2, maybe junior high? But now that I said junior high, I have also told you how old I am too! Arrgghh, anyways, Old Navy also has this fun women's off the shoulder top from size 1X to 4X in two different colors. So no worries about staying in fashion this summer whatever size you currently are. I prefer their 5 inch inseam shorts and actually have quite a few pairs of them myself. I think I will need to go out and purchase these white ones to go with the top though.

Now that you have the perfect summer outfit, you need shoes. No matter if you found the outfit yet or not, don't you always need shoes though? I have to be honest here, Old Navy shoes are kind of hit or miss for me. I love their inexpensive flip flops, and if I happen to hit their $1 Flip Flop day I'm even happier, but I can still handle paying under $4 for a pair of flip flops for one season. Their other shoes are iffy for me. I need to try them on in the store to see if I like the fit of them. I have had better luck with sandals then booties, but I am always willing to try. These look like the perfect pair for me personally: slip ons, no ankle strap, no heel, nothing in between my toes and the color will go with anything.

But wait, there's more! What outfit isn't complete without accessories? It's like giving a gift without a bow on top, right. The summer of 2017 isn't letting us down with the necklaces. The "Rosary style" is what I tend to call this type of necklace. It's a bit longer and stops before the bottom with little dangles on the bottom, like a rosary. If you are going to try out the off the shoulder look in a top, you need to have the correct necklace with it, and this is the right one.

So now you have the perfect up-to-date outfit to wear out to the next summer picnic or gathering of friends. But what if it happens to be a pool party, on a boat or at the beach? Old Navy's got you covered in that category too. Just check out their huge array of bathing suits and coverups, and don't forget those flip flops! And if you happen to be close to a size two, there are tons of swim options for you also like this gorgeous one shoulder top. I seriously love how far swimsuit designs have come in the past few years, you never have to have the same design as your friends with all the options out there. And I haven't meet a teen girl who doesn't have at least five different bathing suits in her drawer.

I could go on and on about all the cute clothes Old navy has for the summer of 2017, but I think I will stop here. Go into an Old Navy or check them out online here to see all the different styles and trends they are covering this year, I know I will be. Check back later for my take on Back-to-School clothes at Old Navy. It's never to early to start thinking about getting those kids back into school during the day!

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