Thursday, May 11, 2017

Most Important Part of your New Dorm Room

As my oldest child is moving home from her first year living in the dorms and my middle child is preparing for his first dorm experience next year, it is time for the Dorm Room posts to show you how I manage to have two kids in college and having their dorm rooms still have a little style to them. Today we are starting off with what my daughter said is the most important part of her dorm doom: Her Bed!

As my oldest soon discovered, the most important part of her dorm room was a comfortable bed. Most dorm rooms across the country only half extra long twin beds in their rooms, making the need to shop for all new bedding. We ended up waiting for "Back to school" season to shop for most of her bedding because that seems to be the only time of the year stores carry twin XL items. I felt we had gone overboard with her bed make-up, but she actually said that her dorm bed was more comfortable then her bed at home (hurtful). Knowing what I know now, I would have just shopped online for most of these products and saved the gas and time running around looking for everything.

Here is her list of what she said is necessary in order to get a restful night's sleep and to be able to succeed in college.

Dorm Bed Supplies:

Reasoning & End-of-Year Feedback:

The mattress protector was my requirement. Again, dorm mattress. I do not want to know what the last person did on that mattress, it makes my skin crawl. We bought a thick bug proof mattress protector that was cloth and not water-proof. I think she has outgrown (quite a long time ago) needing to have a water-proof protector. I just remember as small children being potty trained how noisy the mattress pads were, and didn't want that for her as an adult in college. 

She stated she required a thick foam mattress pad because the mattresses in dorm rooms...well let's face it, they are not high quality beds like we have in our homes. She opted for a 2 inch pad with ventilation holes, because there is no air conditioning in those dorms either! She noted that the 2 inches was good, but would have splurged for a thicker one next time around. For only about $40 more she could have bought this 4 inch gel memory foam mattress pad

Next on the bed came the down alternative Mattress Pad. We did not go crazy with the mattress pad as it was more intended to keep the thick foam mattress pad in place and kind of sandwich the entire bed and mattress together. Again, I did not purchase the water-proof one as I felt it was not needed and opted for the down alternative one for just a little extra cushion and comfort.

Now that the base of the bed was set, time for the sheets. We purchased two sets of jersey sheets in a grey color and a purple color, to go with anything and to match her comforter without being to wild. I wanted her to have two sheet sets so that she could have a set being washed and still be able to jump into bed with the other set. I know I am bad at making the bed back up right away after washing the sheets, and thought two sets of sheets might help her if she inherited that issue from me. 

Now so far, if you've noticed, most of what we bought was from Wal-Mart, but they did not have any comforters that she liked. And she and her roommate were trying to color coordinate so that their room would look cohesive. We were looking for a comforter with greys and purples and the roommate was greys and pinks. We ended up at Bed Bath and Beyond with a comforter that she actually found on clearance. The link above is for the same comforter but in blues instead of purple, they must not carry the same one anymore, hence the clearance sticker. 

Now that the bed looked pretty much put together it was time to have a little fun with all the pillows on top. She requested a body pillow, I think because that is what all the online people told her she needed for her bed. Well, those people were right. She absolutely loves her body pillow and ended up purchasing the cheap one with a grey furry case. It works as a buffer against the cold cinder block walls at night, and curls up behind her when she is reading in bed. It was a must have purchase and she said she will not let hers go. 

I am a sewer and I suggested a few fun accent pillows on her bed. We were at Ikea one day and found two (rather large) pillow inserts that were in their clearance section. I am not sure if they sell them like this, or if they were taken out of a pillow, but the price was right, so we snatched them up. I made very simple pillow covers to match her comforter and to give a little personality to her bed. She did also receive a fun pillow from her roommate's family for a graduation present, letting the girls have matching pillows on their bed to look nice too. Or when the two actually made their beds. 

And last, but never least, came the actual bed pillow. My daughter likes to use a flat, old feather pillow that she has had forever, but I wanted her to have some real pillows too, so I purchased her some My Pillows to make her bed complete. I have to admit, I do love this company and have one of their pillows myself, and it never hurts that they are a Minnesota company, buy local, right.

And no dorm room for my kids would be complete without some fun footie pajamas. Yes, my older kids actually do wear these, mostly to make people laugh, but I have caught them actually sleeping in them before. 

Stay tuned for more areas covered in a tiny dorm room to help make your kids feel at home-away-from-home. 
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