Thursday, April 20, 2017

3 Types of Deviled Eggs

When I think of Easter I think of a few different things: Jesus dying for my sins, the Easter Bunny, Chocolate and Hard Boiled Eggs! Easter is one of the few times a year that I turn my hard boiled eggs into deviled eggs. This year, as hubby and I are still on our clean eating kick, I decided to mix things up a bit and make them in three different ways.

  • Classic
  • Guacamole
  • Beets

When my youngest heard that I was going to make healthier deviled eggs, he got a little mad at me and told me I still had to make some with the classic recipe for him. So I ended up making a dozen of each kind, using 18 hard boiled eggs.

Print all 3 recipes here.

The classic eggs are a family favorite. I have been asked why mine are so delicious before, and I don't think I do anything different except adding ground mustard into the mix. I have compared my recipe to others, and that is the only difference I can see. Maybe I should have said that I make mine with more love?

The guacamole eggs were my personal favorite, but I can never eat too much avocado right now. Seriously, they are so delicious. Wish that I could actually grow an avocado tree in my yard, but guessing they wouldn't like the Minnesota winters and 30 below temps.

The beet eggs were interesting. OK, truth moment here, I have never eaten a beet before in my life. Shocking, I know. Guess hearing how much my parents hate beets I have just never tried them before. I choose to try this one because it was pink. Come on, who doesn't love to eat anything pink? I tried one, and they weren't bad, but I think I will stick to the other two more. If you are a beet eater, trust me, you will love this one!

So Easter has come and gone. The leftover ham has been turned into ham salad (which gets gobbled all up in one day) and the funeral potatoes have been devoured at every meal. There are still a few beet eggs in the fridge, thinking I might slip those into some pink egg salad if they are still around on Saturday. Hope you had a blessed Easter weekend with your family and friends. Jesus has Risen!

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