Monday, November 3, 2014

World Youth Day 2016 Fundraising

I have been asked by a youth to help them do some fundraising for a pilgrimage to Poland in July 2016 for World Youth Day. She had told me about this trip over the weekend, and it worked out perfectly with a project I have been working on for over a month now. It all came together, and also forced me to finish up the project which I just did this morning!

In my Etsy shop I now have my very first digital download. It is a 8X10 print of the Hail Mary. You can print it onto regular copy paper, or even cardstock. All you need to do is cut around the boarder and put it into a frame of your choice. I have been working on this print for awhile, but when this opportunity to help raise money for such a great cause was presented to me, I had the drive to finish and list it.

For just $1.25 you will get an instant download .pdf of the print. $1.00 of every sale is going towards the trip to Poland. The rest of the price is to cover the fees from Etsy.Such a cheap price to have a beautiful print of the Hail Mary and help a youth on her first pilgrimage, and only her second time traveling outside of the United States.

You can use this print for baptisms by using a baby blue or pink frame. Use it for a First Communion by using a plain white frame. Or how about a confirmation in a rustic wood frame. And don't forget weddings! What a great present for the new couple that has everything. The possibilities are endless with your frame choices. My little guy has a print framed in his room as he is learning the Hail Mary for his Family Formation classes and he still gets hung up on it. It looks great next to his bed on the night stand, where he can easily grab it every night to say his prayers with.

This is the copyrighted copy of the image.
Let me know what you think. Let me know your suggestions, or if there is a special prayer that you think I should do next. I love working with this program and being creative, so I have a feeling there will be more designs to follow. Be sure to check out the section World Youth Day 2016 for all the items where 100% of the profit will be donated towards this pilgrimage.

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