Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Decorations for the High School Football Banquet

My son plays on his sophomore high school football team. Every year at the end of the season the freshmen and sophomores have their annual football banquet (in their school cafeteria). Well, freshmen year the only decorations they had was cray paper twisted down the middle of the table, and some Halloween candy sprinkled about.

Us mom's had a plan for the next year; let's make it a little more presentable and celebrate the end of the season. Now our decorations are not extravagant, and they were done on a budget. I am hoping that the mom's of future teams will keep up the tradition of adding to the decorations and making it special for their sons too.


Here is the first part of what I made:

Table Reservation Signs

Previous years, the boys were all crammed into two tables at the back of the room with the parents in front. My opinion, parents are not the ones we are celebrating on banquet night. The boys need to be front and center. So by making table reservation signs, the boys knew exactly where to sit.

I started with extra large binder clips from the office supply store. They can be purchased quite cheaply. Dissemble the clips, but be sure to keep at least two of the silver handles. You will need fluorescent orange spray paint. HINT: I would prime them first as mine tended to run and need extra coats.

Line the clips up and start spraying them. It is fun to see the black disappear and the orange shine through. Let them dry and coat again if needed until you have a good bright coat. I did not bother to spray the bottoms as nobody will see them. Feel free to spray the bottoms if you feel the need.

Let them completely dry. Once dry, I used scrap booking stickers to mark the numbers on them. If you have a steady hand, paint on the numbers with black paint. Sharpies would not be the best on these as you will not get a great finish over the paint. You are only using the numbers: 50, 40, 30, 20 & 10. You can repeat these 5 numbers as much as needed. If you haven't guessed, they are starting to look like down markers! If you are purchasing stickers to use, be sure you have enough 0's or at least some O's that will work in their place. I didn't purchase enough stickers to do the front and back, so mine were one sided.

One problem, my stickers didn't want to stick! So after putting them on, I did spray a matte finish clear coat of paint to make sure they wouldn't move again. If you are hand painting them, a clear coat might be a good idea too.

The signs themselves I made using an InDesign program with a football field in the background, the grades of the boys (freshmen, sophomores & coaches) and put a clip art football in there too. I made it so that there would be two per page when printing and ended up cutting them apart before laminating them. These will last for years to come.

So why did you save at least two of those silver handles? You will need to insert the handles back into the orange binder clip to get the actual sign into the holder. This was a two person job for me as my paint was still tacky and didn't want the handle to mark up the orange paint. I forced them open and hubby put the sign into the holder. Then be sure to remove the silver handles again and save them in the storage box encase you need to change them out for some reason.

That's it! They are simple and little, but have a big impact on the tables. The boys knew exactly where to sit, and the parents and coaches liked the little extra touch. I will hopefully be selling these in my Etsy store in the future, so be on the look out for a way to just purchase them instead of making them yourself.

PS: see those cute goal post center pieces, yup, made those too. That blog post will be coming up soon!

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