Friday, November 7, 2014

Free Hamburger to Accompany your Hamburger Helper

Hamburger Helper has gone through some major changes to their marketing and packaging in the past year. My family has always had at least three boxes in the pantry at all times. When you just get home from work and the kids are starving it is easy to brown some hamburger and follow the directions on a box. It literally takes about 20 minutes, and dinner is done. Plus it normally only uses one pan to cook the whole meal in!

Tonight we tried double cheeseburger macaroni. Now remember I have three kids, two of which are currently eating me out of house and home. So to make it stretch I added more noodles and water to the mix to make it stretch farther. I also added red pepper flakes, cumin (my new obsession) and oregano to spice it up. I think it turned out great. The kids loved it and there was even enough left over for my lunch tomorrow! I did make some rolls to go with the meal, because my favorite part is soaking up the leftover sauce with a piece of bread.

I don't think their actual recipes have changed, maybe just the marketing and packaging. But if it ain't broke, right.

You can CLICK HERE to get a coupon for free hamburger to try a new box yourself. You will receive the free hamburger when you purchase three boxes of Hamburger Helper. Seriously FREE hamburger. Hamburger Helper is pretty cheap already, but by getting the meat for free, that is a no-brainer. Plus while you are there, check out the tons of other coupons you can print right from home, just check the boxes and start saving!

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