Monday, August 4, 2014

July Garden Update

Well July is over and I know you are all wondering how is the organic garden going?

I have learned somethings, and will be planting a little differently next year. But mostly it is really going great!

The lettuce has been out biggest producer. We have been eating lettuce with almost every single meal for most of the summer. The lettuce is slowing down now, and I am thinking I need to order more seeds so that I can get a fall harvest also.

The tomatoes were planted inside from seed a little later than they probably should have been started. Next year I will be planting them earlier to start producing a little earlier. I have tons of beautiful green tomatoes right now. Can't hardly wait for them to start ripening.

Peppers are slow...the organic seeds I purchased online are producing slowly. The organic seeds I bought at the hardware store are doing nothing but staring at me everyday. Will be starting them indoors earlier next year, and also not purchasing any from the hardware store.

Cucumbers are flowered and a few are starting to show themselves. By the amount of flowers I saw, it should be a bumper crop, but we will see. I better get a bunch, because the dill is going crazy!

Herbs are doing great. Cilantro is delicious, basil has been used for pesto, chives are coming along slowly, but I still eat them as I walk by. The dill is huge and probably needed a bigger space, and the onions are sparse but growing still. The kale is looking great and I am hoping to try kale chips here pretty soon.

So what have I learned so far. I will dedicate one whole bed to cucumbers next year. They are taking over their bed and trying to keep them out of the carrots is getting harder each day. Tomatoes are wonderful and I just need to seed start them earlier. Herbs are instant gratification. The little guy likes to take his friends to the garden and let them try eating each herb. Cilantro is still my favorite herb, I just need the tomatoes and onions to start producing so I can make my favorite pico de gallo. I will also probably change up how I am planting the lettuce next year. I have it in a container which is great to keep the rabbits away, but I would prefer it in a long, skinny container instead.

How is your garden doing this year?

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  1. Just finding your blog through the Tuesday party. Look at your wonderful veg garden. My peppers are slow this year due the cooler and wetter weather we are having. The along with my tomatoes prefer hotter and drier conditions. I trellis my cukes to keep them in order. This is why I love veg gardening. I learn so much and it keeps me realistic.