Friday, June 27, 2014

Inexpensive Glasses for ALL! Zenni Optical

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I know is it probably too early to start thinking about back to school time yet, as it is just turning into July...but. Have you thought about your kids eye glasses yet?

I wanted to tell you guys about a new way to order glasses that won't break the bank. I know what you are thinking, wait a minute, ordering glasses over the web...that's weird. It really isn't.

In my family, I have one husband and three children all in glasses and contacts (I had lasik back in 1999).  I can't afford glasses at over $200 a pop for each person. Any my little guy wears them every day as he isn't in contacts yet. Zenni Optical was the answer to my prayers. Now you know I will not promote anything company that I do not believe in. Well I have been ordering glasses from this company since 2008, and I love them!

The web site is easy to use. You can upload a picture of yourself to virtually try on glasses. You can sort through them by materials, shape or even color. You can get them tinted and have prescription sunglasses for the summer!  But what about the real question, how much and quality.

The first picture of my older boy was the most expensive pair I have ever ordered, and they were $35 total. You see the lenses and frames are all included with the price. The very last picture of the girl in the pink rhinestone glasses were only $12! And you pay one price for shipping no matter how many you order. Quality - well my husband is on year two with his. The girl normally gets two pairs and they last her two years, the boys are another story. The boys like to wrestle with each other, so they normally end up going through three pairs in about two years. The little guy goes through them faster because he wears them everyday as he doesn't have contacts yet. But I have to say, the everyday dodgeball to the face, they tend to hold up pretty good. Your big brother jumping on your face, not so much. But I don't think a $200 pair would hold up much better.

Below is a collection of different candid shots of my kids in their Zenni Optical Glasses throughout the years. Realizing that the older kids, the girl especially, will only let me take pictures of them in their glasses on Christmas morning...oh well.

And my personal favorite...the girl in our very first pair of Zenni Optical glasses from back in 2008. Yes, she is going to kill me for this picture.

As you can see, my kids have a thing for the plastic glasses. They like getting crazy colors and different patterns, because life is to short for boring glasses. Them liking the plastic frames helps with fittings. But I have to admit here, I did work for a local glasses company for about four years back in college, so if they did get nose pieces, I would know how to adjust them. But, I am sure your local store would be able to help you out if you need a little adjustment.

Wow looking back at these pictures cracks me up, and I also am realizing how much money I have saved in the past 6 years not paying outrageous prices for glasses. I am the newest Affiliate for Zenni Optical, so if you are interested in their products, please give the ad below a click and help a Mom out. But I promise you, you won't be sorry!

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