Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Still Renovating the Small Business

The little guy and I will be planting our garden this Saturday! So stay tuned for more information about the plants we chose and how we are planting them in the near future.

On to the renovation. This renovation has completely taken over our lives. We need to have certain things done in a timely manor to keep on schedule. We are still on schedule to move in June 1st! Read about the demolition stages of this renovation here.

This week was all about learning new skills. Seriously, everybody has been learning something new this week. We demoed the bathroom, learned about working with torrential rain falls, and wiring!

 We started out the week with the boys having a blast smashing through a half wall that needed to come down. It split the room in half and made it very dark in the back. So with rubber mallets and sledge hammers the two boys went to town. After the wall came down, we discovered that it was actually part of the existing exterior wall from the addition in the 70's, and just dry walled over. A sawzall was used to remove part of the floor that the previous renovation team couldn't get up.

Then hubby tried something new, rubber spray paint. You know that stuff that claims you can spray it on a screen door, then make it float...well, torrential rain fall must be worse than a lake. It leaked everywhere and soaked the floor. We already had the carpet removed, but now everything was wet, and there was 2 inches of standing water in the pump area. Arghh

The older boy learned about a staple gun that you just hammer on the side of the building while putting up Tyvek wrap. We also all learned about how this job should really not be done on a windy day.

 The little guy learned how gross it is to wet vac out a toilet. He wanted to do it, but I don't think he realized how gross it really is. After removing the toilet, and setting it outside by the dumpster, he then made some of the workers next door laugh as he was sitting on it like a chair.

 Then more demolition came as we started ripping out the rotten dry wall in the bathroom. It was pieced together quite poorly, and covered with the hideous paneling like the front office was. So rather then try to patch everything up, it was decided to just rip it all out and start over from scratch. This will also help to run cable and telephone lines through the wall before putting the dry wall back on.

 And I even learned how to do some basic wiring this past week. Hubby and I had a Friday night date night at the shop, wiring the front office. After explaining to me how to do it, I then wired six outlets. He did the grounding wires for me because it involved splicing wires, and I really didn't want to get blamed if the wires started sparking or anything.

Super busy week this week coming up, including dry walling the whole place, fixing dry wall holes from moving outlets and heat ducts, re-working a new plan for keeping the rain outside, and working on the overhead lighting. Busy, busy, busy.

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of work! Great job. Thanks for sharing at the homeacre homesteading blog hop! Feel free to stop by (www.PintSizeFarm.com) and submit again this week :)

  2. coming along nicely! Great teamwork! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,