Friday, May 30, 2014

{Organic} Raised Bed Garden, Part Three - The Plants

Well Memorial Weekend 2014 has come and gone. I spent most of the weekend working on the Small Business Renovation, and planting my garden. It was beautiful temperature wise. I think we in Minnesota went right from winter into summer. Below is what I planted, and how they are doing one week later...

I started with seeds, the entire garden is a start-from-seed garden. I ordered mine from I am not connected with them, I get no kick-back from them. I chose them simply because they have their roots in Minnesota and they sell non-GMO, Organic, heirloom seeds. I had seen a huge list of non-GMO seed companies online, and did a little digging (no pun intended). I like to #1 use companies in the US, and #2 I like to use companies preferable from Minnesota, or at least in the Mid-West. This company fit all my needs, and had a wonderful selection of seeds to choose from.

I started my Roma tomatoes, habanero peppers and green peppers inside this year. The peppers are seeds from Burpee, from the home improvement store. Still organic, but boy, they took forever to sprout. The tomatoes from 2Bseeds sprouted within a few days.

The rest of the garden I planted directly from seed. So far, the herbs are having a field day growing. I swear the radishes were up the next day, and the kale is doing great too.

I have to admit I have never eaten kale before in my life, so I will be doing some research on recipes and experimenting this summer. I learned about kale from reading The Minneapolis Homestead blog, and she gave me the bug to try it this year.

I also don't care to eat radishes. Why in the world did I plant them then? I planted them because I know that they are the easiest veggie to grow, they are instant gratification, and I know my mom will eat them. I may need to find a few recipes for them too, as I think I am going to have alot of them.

The herbs are doing great. Dill and basil are up and growing, the chives are just starting to peek their little leaves through. And I am still waiting on the cilantro, ummm my favorite!

And I don't think you are allowed to plant dill unless you also plant pickling cucumbers. I love cucumbers plain with a little salt, so I am hoping that I will get enough to pickle some this summer before I eat them all.

One project we also did over Memorial Day was to make a few plant markers. I had purchased a bunch of old mis-matched silverware from an auction. The oldest boy had fun hammering the heck out to the spoons to make them flat. As you can see, I think he hammered a little too hard. I then used some letter metal stamps to create the words I wanted. I only did five so far, as I am planning on two other types of plant markers to make the garden a little more interesting. I will do a post on how to make these (and the other two) plant markers at some point this summer to show you all how to make them too.

So now I am on a waiting game for the rest of the veggies to start showing their heads out of the earth. Waiting on: asparagus, onions, lettuce mix, cilantro, strawberries, green beans and the carrots. Also scarred away a small rabbit that was hiding under the deck last night while watering. Might just need to work on bunny fencing too.

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  1. Your plant markers are adorable! If you enjoy chips, you can make kale chips pretty easily. I'm not a fan of it cooked, so I make the chips to add to salads. Keep in mind that anything that you grow (radishes) that you don't care for, can be donated to others. It feels good to be able to share your bounty. All your seedlings look great! Enjoy the journey!

  2. Your raised beds are producing lots of gorgeous veggies! Love those plant markers too! Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday Link Party! Pinned!

  3. Great job on your raised beds! Love the plant markers :) Thanks for sharing this on The HomeAcre Hop! Hope you can join us again today. :)