Friday, February 21, 2014

Quick Valentine's for Dancers and/or Teens

Valentine's Day just happened to coordinate with the Dance Team's State Tournament this year. So for their Hype gift, I was able to combine three things in one:

  1. Hype Gift
  2. Valentine's Gift
  3. State Pin
It is a tradition for the girls Hype gift at State to be a pin for their letter jackets, so they were ordered from an online company.

So the pin part was easy. But I didn't just want to hand the girls a pin, they needed to have a little flash with them. One of my fellow booster officers posted this awesome pin to our BDT Hype Idea board. Check it out here if you need more great team ideas. So after reading the entire article from Sarah, I started printing off the Minions right away. I knew it would be the cutest thing for the girls. Read Sarah's full post here.

Hubby was running to the grocery store for me that night as I had a booster meeting, I texted him to buy 58 Twinkies all on a separate receipt for me. Now if you know my husband, he didn't bat an eye, just thought I was doing something crazy again.
I don't think he even asked why...what a good guy.

So here is what I needed:

58 State Pins
58 3" lengths of polka dot ribbon
58 Twinkies
58 Minion wrappers
58 "Labels" on cardstock
Blue Painters Tape

I printed the Minion wrappers and cut them out using a paper cutter. Took the state pins, attached 3" of the polka dot ribbon to the back and stuck them through the tags. I printed the tags using a label draft on Word, just picking one that was square, printed them on regular cardstock, not label paper. Make sure to leave a gap in the writing if you are planning on putting a pin through the middle. Otherwise, don't leave a large gap, just squish the words closer together. I then cut out the tags using a paper cutter also, making them nice and square.

I used painters tape to stick the Minions around the Twinkies, that way the paper didn't rip if they wanted to keep it. I then stuck the pin right through the bottom of the Twinkie wrapper and put the pin back on it. They stuck on there pretty good. Because you are making a tiny hole in the wrapper, I would wait until the night before delivering them so they don't dry out (if it is possible for Twinkies to dry out). The polka dot ribbon was used throughout the year, to kind of tie all the projects together a little. The fall season started out with the luggage tags with the ribbon, and winter season started out with ribbon on their costume hangers. So now the season is wrapping up at State with ribbon on their pins. You can see the luggage tags here and the costume hangers here. I have to be perfectly honest here, I did order some ribbon with their team name printed on it and it didn't arrive in time, so the polka dot ribbon was an after thought, but I am so glad it worked out. Start to finish with the season, like it was meant to be. Don't tell any of the girls it wasn't planned...

They were delivered by my daughter at their last carbo load of the year, so I wasn't able to see their reactions. I saw some of the girls took pictures and put them on Instagram, so they must have enjoyed them. I did also see many girls with their pins already on their letter jackets. And that is why I love being the chair of this committee, I get to use my creativity and the girls appreciate it. What could be better.

There will be one more post this year from their pictures that are being modge podged to wood for their banquet. Then I get a whole three months off before we start all over again with the Fall 2014-2015 season.

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