Monday, February 17, 2014

iPhone Case Holder

Does your teen have an iPhone? Do they switch their cases to match their clothes for the day? Now I know this may not be your child...but it is mine!

My daughters iPhone cases were getting out of control, and she could never find the exact one she wanted in her {very} messy bedroom. So I decided to try to make her a place to organize them in a decorative way.

After a few trips to the Home Improvement stores, I finally figured out how to accomplish my goal. I purchased 8 feet of molding that was in an "L" shape and about an inch wide. I still wasn't sure it was going to work, but I had a picture in my head of it finished, so here goes.

  1. Saw the molding into two feet segments.
  2. Grab some scrap wood and saw 1 inch by 1 inch blocks.
  3. Wood glue blocks into corners of molding. We used painters tape to hold them secure until the glue dried.
  4. Once glue is dry, remove tape and paint first coat in color of choice.
  5. After dry, paint on a second coat. Make sure you are painting the inside too!
  6. After totally dry, drill a small pilot hole through the molding and block on one side. 
  7. Mark where you want the molding to go, and insert anchors into wall.
  8. Screw the moldings into the anchors.
  9. Cover the screw heads with rhinestones, or other material of choice.
  10. Place your iPhone cases into the molding to display, and enjoy!
Now there are tons of ways to decorate and make this your own. I used rhinestones because she is a dancer, and somehow there are always bags and boxes of rhinestones laying around. I also used a gray paint that I got for free this summer when Ace Hardware was giving them away. I will be using the same gray paint for molding around her chalkboard wall (post coming). You could cover them with washi tape, paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint, glue personalized items to the front, really anything goes here. I put them up behind her bedroom door, thinking that way she can grab one as she is heading out the door. I do have two more segments painted and ready to be mounted to the wall, but I was waiting to see exactly how many cases she had before covering the whole wall with them. I am think at least one more would look nice, plus I like to decorate in threes.

How does she have so many iPhone cases? Well, no we don't pay full price for them, that would be crazy. Amazon has iPhone cases really cheap. Yes, some come from China or Hong Kong, but they end up costing under $5.00 per case even with shipping. Every Christmas, Birthday and even Easter she seems to get a few cases, and I don't see this trend ending anytime soon...

How do you organize your iPhone cases?

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  1. This is so perfect and makes for easy case changes! Cool idea!

  2. What a brilliant solution (and love the rhinestone accents)! Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday on Organized 31.