Monday, January 6, 2014

Make your Own Date Night Scrapbook - Great Gift Idea!

My daughter has been seeing the same boy for almost a year now, and when Christmas came around, it was real hard to think of the correct present to give to him. I always like the gift of an experience instead of an actual item, so with a little convincing, she went with the gift of date nights.

They are high school kids, and don't have a lot of money between them, so pre-planned date nights was the perfect solution for both of them.

How to make a Date Night Scrapbook:

  1. Start by figuring out where you two would like to go together.
  2. How much money do you need per place to start off the date?
  3. Visit the businesses and purchase the gift card in that amount.
  4. Visit your craft store, purchase a "Brag Book" and any stickers that go along with each businesses theme.
  5. Purchase plain paper in different colors if you don't have any already.
Now that you have all the materials, you will put it together like a mini scrapbook page. Start with the background paper. We used two colors and combined them together to make a stripe on the top or bottom. Position the gift card where it looks nice and tape it down. Try not to tape over the magnetic strip on the back. Not sure if it will hurt it, but why chance it?

Now is the fun part. Open up the stickers that coordinate with that gift card and place the stickers all around it. Remember that it still needs to fit into the sleeve of the brag book.

Once the page is done, slip it into a page. Take your time if your stickers are three dementional, you don't want to tear all your hard work.

That is it! Just do this for each gift card you purchased. No need to write on the pages if you happened to find the right stickers. And with very little tape your book is finished.

This would work great for Christmas, like we did, or a birthday present, Valentine's Day or even a Wedding gift to a young couple. Possibilities are endless. We did six gift cards, thinking one date night every other month, plus my daughter didn't have tons of money to spend. If you had the funds, do 12 cards, one for every month. Personalize it to your city, make one out of town so you have to travel, do golf driving ranges in the summer, skiing in the winter. Really you could go crazy with this. I just might have to make one for the Hubby for an anniversary gift, at least that way I know we will have a date night at least once a month...

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  1. What a cute and romantic idea:) I'm definitely making one! xx Mila

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