Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Different Type of Valentine

Valentine's Day is great, but what if your Dance Team is in Minnesota and you are lucky (talented) enough to make it to the State Tournament?

In Minnesota, the State Dance Team finals are over Valentine's weekend. The girls love it, they get to stay over night downtown with their team, but what about Valentine's Day?

My daughters team (bless their heart) loves food. You would never guess it looking at them, they are all so tiny. But don't let their size fool you, these girls can pack it away! So last year their team did make it to State, and my daughter wanted to bring Valentine's for her teammates. What to get girls who like to We ended up with the Valentine's below...

These were perfect, Valentine's feel, but with real food that you know any teenage girl will like. Just print up labels off your computer. I used leftover labels from those old hard computer disks that nobody uses anymore. Just look for large labels in the store if you don't have any at home already. Play with the fonts, colors, words and even graphics. Make them your own, then just slap them onto those lunch sized bags of Doritos. That's it! Moms are happy, kids are happy.

This weekend her team is competing at Sections to see who will be advancing to State this year, yes, again on Valentine's weekend. Fingers crossed their team will advance again. Love these girls, please cross your fingers for them too. I will do a follow up post with how they did and what type of Valentine she ends up giving out this year too.

UPDATE (2/3/14): Well after a super exciting weekend at the Dance Team Sections Tournament, the girls are advancing to the State Tournament for both their jazz and kick performances! Time to start planning this years "Different" Valentine for the girls again. Congratulations girls, and thank you to all those that crossed their fingers for them too.

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  1. What a cute idea! I bet the kids loved it! Visiting from LOBS!

  2. Super cute! My Doritos loving son would LOVE this!! Visiting from the party at The Chicken Chick!

  3. These are great Valentines! Thanks for the inspiration and congrats on making it to state. I came over from Wow us Wednesday