Friday, December 13, 2013

Eyelashes & Personalized Hangers for Dance Team Members

I have to admit, I stole this idea from Pinterest while scouring the web site looking for gift ideas for the Winter Dance Team.

Winter Dance Team is more intense and competitive than in the fall. The varsity team receives embroidered garment bags to travel with their costumes. I noticed last year, that some hangers work better than others. And at that point a light bulb went off in my head. Personalized Hangers.

It is a standard first Invitational gift to give fake eyelashes to the girls to wear at all competitions. So I had a tighter budget to work with knowing that I needed to purchase eyelashes in bulk too. I found the eyelashes on this web site and saved a little money by ordering them in a triple pack and repacking them myself into snack sized baggies. They are big, luscious lashes and really make the girls eyes pop when they are performing. I am quite pleased with them.

The hangers were a little more work, but really, not that much. I made a trip to Ikea with the whole family. They wanted meatballs for dinner, and I made them carry my purchases, so it was a win-win situation. I purchased 10 packs of white wooden hangers. I searched online for days, and never found a better price that Ikea. They do not mail order these, so if you don't have an Ikea near you, you many need to make a trip to find one. You can click above to see them and price them out, but you will have to drive to a store to actually purchase them.

I started this hanger adventure with a blue paint pen and leftover blue polka-dot ribbon from this gift from the fall. I like that the name tags were tied into their costume hangers and pulled the theme through both seasons. (I am thinking chevron patterns for next year) The first step I took was re-packaging the eyelashes. I used regular snack sized baggies and just put the pair on their backer board into each baggie and popped them into a paper bag for later use. I then opened up all the hangers. Be careful as they will take over your table in about a minute. Shake up your paint pen, have your list of names ready and start writing names on the center of the hanger. Using the Disney-way, I made each dot above any I a paw print. Disney makes them Mickey Mouse ears, just tailor it to your mascot if you can.

Once you start writing on them, set them aside to dry. If you stack them, be careful to not let the center of the hangers touch so they don't smear the paint. Paint pens tend to dry completely in about an hour. Because they took over my kitchen table, I made them over two nights. You can jazz them up more with rhinestones, sequins, or other writings. I was thinking about writing "Class of 20XX" on them, or their team name down the sides of the hangers, but figure the girls can personalize them more if they want to. I kept them simple.

After the writing is done and dry, the assembly part starts. My daughter helped me out with this part. I cut ribbon in small pieces that were about six inches long. She tied the ribbon around the base of the metal hanger part in a double knot, and I poked a hole through the eyelash bags and put them onto the hanger itself.

Now with the eyelashes attached, they will take up even more room when you are trying to transport them. Be sure to have a large bag to put them all into. We set them out so the girls could walk by and look for their names at one of their Carbo Loads. It was the night before their first Invitational, and they were all excited to get them.

I am thinking of doing this project again next year so some of the girls will have two hangers, one for kick and one for jazz. The incoming freshman will only have one hanger.

Have you done anything with hangers? Do you have an idea you would like for me to try and blog about. I am always looking for new ideas to try. Leave a comment below and I can try to fit it in.

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  1. What a sweet and creative gift :). And a great idea for winter coats for kids in the coat closet (minus the eyelashes, of course ;) ).