Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Crafts, Recipies and DIY Projects

Oh Thanksgiving, you are the most ignored holiday in the winter season. Sure it is fun to get together with friends and family and have a large harvest feast and even watch a little football. But why does it get skipped over so often?  Why not try out some of these great Thanksgiving ideas below. Try a new recipe, craft a new wreath, or maybe even start a new tradition. Let's bring Thanksgiving back into the Winter holiday equation. Go Turkey!
You can make Fall Leaves, Candy Corn Acorns, Indian Corn, Cornucopias, Pilgrim Hats and even turkeys
Easy fall decorations by using what you might already have around the house.

Add an interesting touch to your Turkey this season!

Add a goofy touch to your front door to greet your visitors.

The Thankful Tree
Make a "Thankful" tree, what a great tradition.

No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecakes with Caramel Sauce | Cooking Classy

Green Beans

the original source of One of the most special traditions ever - gratitude rolls! Don't miss blessing your family!
Why not try Gratitude Rolls this year too.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree! I love the projects you posted above! I'd love it if you'd check out my 'Thankful Tree', posted today.
    Blessings, Cindy

  2. That turkey wreath is so cute! I might have to try that myself.

  3. here, here! that turkey with the bikini line is too funny.

  4. I love the glass filled with corn and dry beans, and the candle, thanks for sharing on Tuesdays With a Twist. Come back tomorrow and share some more wonderful Thanksgiving ideas, or one of your other posts.

  5. The blogging world is already filled with homes that are fully decorated for Christmas! To me, Thanksgiving is a time for family and taking stock of all the many blessings we have in our lives. It is a holiday that we should all give our full attention to and it should be more than an eatfest and football games and you can't have Thanksgiving with the Christmas decorations already up! Thanks for reminding us all of this.

  6. I just wrote about this today! I totally agree and love all the fun ideas! BTW, I came here via Blackberry Vine.

  7. Such great decorating the turkey wreath and the candle.

    Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick