Tuesday, November 19, 2013

SodaStream #FizzTheSeason House Party

Have you heard of the web site HouseParty.com? If you have, you know the fun of the site, if you haven't, click here and join in on the fun! It is not an affiliate, I do not make any money when you click it, but I have been able to host two free parties this year! You can read about the Hasbro Game Night party here, and this past weekend I was able to host a Fizz the Season party sponsored by SodaStream.

Here is how House Party works, as quoted from their web site:

About House Party

House Party makes it easy to have a party in your own home and get exclusive access to awesome products for you and your friends. We provide the fun, you provide food, your friends and feedback and promise to have an amazing time.
Our parties are sponsored by the brands you love. By hosting, you and your guests get to try their products and receive an incredible Party Pack chock full of goodies! You don’t pay anything or sell anything. It’s a no-pressure party. Just tell us what you and your guests think. 
But it’s more than just you and your friends who are having a blast. Thousands of other hosts and guests from across the US are also having an amazing time, on the same day. Your party just went from event to epic! 

Sound too good to be true, no! Seriously, I applied to host a SodaStreamparty, once I was pre-selected, I needed to enter the names and emails of 10 friends that I wanted to invite to the party. Make sure you have these fun party people picked out ahead of time as you only have 30 minutes to enter their emails. It will invite them for you, and BAM a party pack will arrive at your house with everything you need to host the party. Yes, seriously, it is that easy.

SodaStream (Soda-Club) USA
So why are they giving away all this free stuff? Word of mouth advertising is huge, and with social media being one of the fasted and most instant way to advertise, it makes perfect sense. I have no problem blogging about my opinion, tweeting, instagramming or facebooking about what I like or don't like with the products. That is what they are looking for...feedback.

So on with my party this past weekend. I received a SodaStreamParty Pack with a SodaStreammachine, three packs of sample flavors, three large Ocean Spray bottles of flavors, two bottles to make it in, bags and coupons for all my guests, sampling cups, a Santa hat and even decorations.

We had a gathering of eight adults and eight kids. Good friends/good conversations. There was a large dinner involved, and there may have been some wine flowing along with the samples of soda. My favorite part of the evening was the boys all being so interested in how the soda was made with the SodaStream machine. They are into science and wanted to see the CO2 bubbles go into the plain water, add some flavorings and it ends up tasting just like root beer. By the end of the night, they were mixing and matching different flavors to make their own. Those kids alone went through at least 7 bottles of soda, they loved it.
Adults had a different take on it. As we were sampling them, somebody would say "This would be good by the pool with some vodka in it" or "Add some vanilla rum to the root beer and you'll have a great combination". I wanted to add vodka into the Ocean Spray Cranberry to make a simple vodka/Cranberry drink that I love so much.

Party results:

Adults: love it, want to add alcohol to some of them
Kids: loved it, want their parents to buy them, liked the root beer and cranberry/raspberry
Final Results: will be using it at Christmas time with the whole family

How we use it now:

With our super crazy schedules, Monday nights there is never enough time to have a real sit down meal. Hubby picks up three pizzas on the way home form work, we pick two SodaStream flavors to go with the pizza. We sit down for a few minutes before running again. We have purchased a large bottle of the root beer at the store, and plan to purchase a new flavor bottle every other week. That will build up our supply of flavors before summer rolls around again.

So why am I blogging about all of this?
#1 I want you to join House Party so you can have fun too
#2 They gave me this free stuff to have a party, the least I can do is blog about it
#3 When us bloggers find something we like, we tell everybody!

I can't get you a free machine, but I can get you $10 off of your own machine if you are interested.
$10 off all Home Soda Makers with Promo Code: BESTFRIEND

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