Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Water Bottle Can Coozies for your Sports Team

Minnesota is in the middle of a heat wave at the very end of summer. So how to you keep a team of 70+ Dance Team girls hydrated at a High School football game? You make their Hype gift Water Bottle Can Coozies with a bottle of water already in them!

If you have been following along with my blog you are noticing alot of "team gifts" that are going to my daughters dance team. I am the Chair of the Hype committee this year for the Dance Team Boosters, and this means that I am in charge of getting the girls small gifts before each big event or football game. I am so happy with myself for planning ahead with this gift.

Things to Purchase: I pre-ordered can coozies through I have used them before for water bottles (read about them here) and was very pleased with their products and customer service. I received an email that they were having a sale on can coozies, so I jumped on that. I ordered 200 of them (best price) and they ended up being $.42 each. Yes, I now have 200, but I will be doing something similar to this gift two years from now, and it will barely cost me anything then!

You will also need to purchase bottles of water for how many team members you are making these for. We ended up at Fleet Farm because we were looking for some boating gear at the same time. Any water will work. They ended up costing $9.00 for 84 bottles.

You will also need a 1 1/2 inch hole punch if you don't have one already. Mine was $9.99 at Michael's and saved me tons of time. I will be using it again for other dance team projects and will pass it down to the next Mom who tackles the Hype Committee.

Things to Make: I found bottle tags similar to the ones I made on Pinterest, and to be honest, that is the picture that inspired me to do this gift in the first place. She had a link to her bottle tags, but it wasn't editable. Well, onto Google Docs I went to make my own then. You can either make your own, or edit mine here to make it say what ever you need it to say. Hint: Make one full tag first, fill it up with all your clip-art and sayings, then select all and make a copy of it. Move that one into place and make another copy. It is alot easier that way! After printing them all out, I used the large paper trimmer to cut them out, used the 1 1/2 inch paper punch to punch out the holes, and then stamped a football in blue ink on the bottom. That way the whole tag wasn't just computer printed, but part hand-made to.

Make it your own. You can add clip art, pictures of the team itself, mascots, or stamp it up like I did. Use whatever sports ball your team is. Michael's has sports ball stamps for about $1.50 in the discount sections. Keep your eyes out for great stamps to use.  Be sure to change up the ink colors to match your team. Change the fonts for a boys team, so it isn't so girlie. Really go crazy!

Assembly: This was the easiest assembly I have done yet. Take a water bottle, place it into a coozie, add the paper tag around the neck. Done.

Issues I encountered: I thought they looked great, but never took into account that 78 bottles of water are SUPER HEAVY and bulky! My daughter actually wanted me to bring them to the football game by myself. Haha, she is funny. The girls had practice that morning, so my wonderful husband brought them to school for their practice. We boxed them up into two rubbermaid containers, trying not to rip any tags. He then used a two wheel dolly to get them into the school and set them up on a table so the girls could just grab one after practice. He is great, he did all this before heading to work for the day. There is no way that I was going to make, at least, four trips back and forth to my car and the football stadium lugging bottled water in that heat.

Costs:    Bottles of water: $9.00/84
                 Can Coozies: $84/200
                 Hole Punch: $9.99
                 Tags: Free

                Totals: $102.99 or $1.32 per girl

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