Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dance Team Gift - Locker Mirrors

What do you give a group of high school teenage girls on Friday the 13th? A mirror - what else...

The dance team had a football game to perform at on Friday the 13th. Because the girls get small gifts at all games and events, I had to think of something that would work with a Friday the 13th. The gal that was in charge of Hype last year suggested locker mirrors. They did them a few years ago and they were a big hit. I kept that little nugget tucked into my brain until I needed it.

This gift took a little time as you need to find the mirrors at a good price first. I ended up getting mine from and they ended up costing $1.12 each with shipping. Much cheaper than I could find anyplace in town. I ordered pretty plain mirrors as I was planning on embellishing them myself.

I ended up using two bags of blue flowers from the scrap booking department, three bags of blue buttons, and one sheet of blue rhinestones that contained 200 of them. Calling on my previous studio dance mom experience, I used E-6000 to assemble all the mirrors.

I have to admit here, these were not my favorite item to make so far this year. They are time consuming and take up a lot of space.

I started by removing the mirrors from their packaging they were shipped in. They packaging took up almost all of my recycling can that week. Then I spread out on my kitchen table. Once I found a design I liked, I got to glueing. On different corners and edges I placed one flower in the middle, a blue button on either side and then two rhinestones on the outside of the buttons. Not super creative, but it was a pleasing look on the mirrors. Now if you have never worked with E-6000 glue, be warned that it is stinky and tends to leave strings like a hot glue gun does. So then why did I use that type of glue? I have used it for years rhinestoning costumes, it has a small tip, it dries quickly and dries clear. I guess you also just use what you know. And I know that it is a heavy duty glue and will stick forever.

Depending on how many you are making, it will take awhile to complete all the mirrors. I ended up taking two nights to finish them all, and had to stack them wonky so that the flowers and buttons had time to dry without sticking to the mirror on top of it. Be careful not to make your piles of mirrors to large or they will tumble over. Learned that the hard way.

Hopefully while gluing all the decorations on the mirrors, you are thinking about what kind of tag you are going to make for them. I had come up with a Friday the 13th theme idea in my head. And because I wanted clip art on the tags, I just printed them off on the computer instead of making them by hand. I Google searched images of different superstitions and found a few that I liked. Then arranged them on a Excel document so that none of the pictures were cut off. I then hit select all to get all the clip art and copied it, pasted it into Publisher so that I could save it as a jpeg. After I had it saved as a jpeg I was able to add the fun words in PicMonkey. I cropped it down to the correct size and added in the titles that I wanted. Saving it again when finished. I then went back to Excel and made six copies of my image on one page so that I could print and cut them out. If somebody knows of an easier way to do this, please leave a comment below. It isn't hard the way I do it, but it is a lot of back and forth, and I am sure there is an easier way.

Once all the tags are cut apart, I just put them on the mirror with blue painters tape. The tape will easily pull off the tag and the mirrors without damaging anything. Plus their school color is blue, so it looks like I planned it.

This was the first gift I was able to actually hand out to the girls on the field. It was fun to see their reactions and hear their comments. Most didn't understand the humor of getting a mirror on Friday the 13th, but a few of the girls did, and explained it to the others. It was funny hearing them ask me why I would give them a mirror if it is bad luck to break it. I just told them to be careful and hang it in their lockers Monday morning when they go back to school. Now all the girls have them in their lockers and when open, the whole school is able to tell that they are on the dance team just by a simple decoration in their lockers. And remember they are high school girls, you know they will be using these mirrors on a daily basis!

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  1. Super cute! You sure take good care of those girls!!!!
    They are lucky they have you...:)
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

    1. Thank you, if they weren't all such great girls it wouldn't be as fun. Only one more football game, one dance show and the banquet left for the fall season... :( But fear not, winter season and different ideas are right around the corner :)