Friday, September 13, 2013

A New Chapter in my Life - Mom of a Teen Driver...

First time driving her friend...(they were still in the driveway)
You remember your child's first: first time rolling over, first time walking, first tooth, first word, first time getting on a school bus. But what about the first time they drive without you sitting right next to them?

My beautiful daughter just turned 16 on Sunday. She has been waiting for that day since she was little. She has always wanted to drive. She had her Drivers Training as a freshman last year during school, and took her behind the wheel during the summer. Because her birthday fell on a Sunday, she couldn't take her actual test on her birthday, and the first appointment time I could get her in for wasn't until the Tuesday after her birthday.

Tuesday morning comes around, we had been practicing for months, and she was ready. She went to her test bright and early and passed her test on the first try! I was very excited for her, and then it hit me...she will be driving on her own...I won't be sitting right next to her in the passenger seat. I then got scared.

She is a very responsible kid, she is a very responsible driver but I didn't want to let her go off on her own. I know every parent has gone through this, or will at some point in there life, but it was hard.

So that evening, I was working on a project for her dance team, and ran out of blue buttons. I asked her if she wanted to drive across the highway to Wal-Mart and buy me some buttons. She has driven there before, and I figured that it would be easy for her. The older boy thought it would be fun to go with, because her getting her license means more freedoms for him also. The two of them piled into the car with some cash in hand, and off they went.

Half an hour later, they were back. No problems and two containers of blue buttons (and even the change) in hand. Nothing went wrong.

As I am writing this, today is Friday morning and she has been driving for a total of four days now. She has run two errands for me, drove home from school while I was at a booster meeting, drove through the McDonald's drive through and has had no problems at all. She and the older boy are having a blast together, and he is giving her the directions on how to get to their destinations. He gets his great directional sense from his Dad, unfortunately she has the same directional sense as me. I did however teach her how to make U-turns, as I know that will be a skill she will need to know.

Now I know she will get into fender benders, and hopefully not get hurt. I am also hoping that she will not get any tickets, but I know they will happen eventually. As for right now, I am enjoying not having to run up to school to pick up kids, as she wants to do it now, I am also not having to run to the store when I forget something. And I am also thankful for cell phones...not that she is using it while driving, but if something does happen, she can call us instantly. Unlike when we were kids and had to tell our parents when we pulled into the driveway.

Note about the picture above, before you email me. This was the first time one of her friends got into the car with her. They drove around the neighborhood. And yes they were in the driveway still in park when they took this picture. She doesn't talk on the phone while driving and doesn't text while driving. Her phone is put into her purse and put into the back seat while she is driving. She is smart enough to know the consequences of driving and texting.

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