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Luggage Tags for ANY Sports Team - We did a Dance Team

One thing about Dance Team is that they have alot of gear. Costumes, make-up, eyelashes, dance shoes, body suits, garment bags, regular bags, warm-ups, tennis shoes the list can go on and on. This posting will help the kids to know which dance bag or garment bag is theirs.  This can be used for any sport that has bags, hockey, baseball, tennis... you get the point.

Dance Team members all look the same, that is the look they are going for, nobody standing out, everybody looking the same like one large unit. My daughters team does that from warm-ups all the way down to matching bags. Our bags this year were not embroidered with their names, so we needed luggage tags so that the girls can tell which bag is theirs.

I looked online trying to order some from a company. I found great blue paw print luggage tags that would have their team logo screen printed on one side and the clear plastic to insert your name on the other. They weren't super expensive, but they had a minimum order of 250! I only have 78 girls, managers and coaches on the team this year. I did not have the budget to purchase over double of what was needed. Trust me, I thought about it, thinking that I could use them this year and again in two years when she is a senior. But it just didn't seem logical.

Plan B: Make my own luggage tags. After a small amount of research online, I had another plan that sounded like more fun anyways. Purchase a small lamination machine and make our own. I did more research on which lamination machine would work for what I wanted to do. I ended up purchasing the Scotch Thermal Laminator TL901SC which had the best price, smaller size and would do both large full sheets of paper and small tags. I am thinking ahead to other projects... I also ordered these luggage tags that came 100 to a box for only $3.49! I was super excited and couldn't wait for them to be delivered to my door step.

I then got to work with different designs for the tags themselves. As you can see, I ended up going quite simple with the design. I wanted the girls names to stand out and the Dance Team name to stand out on the other side. The girls have their first and last names on their tags, Coaches just have Coach and their first name. Next year when we do these again (only $3.49 for another 100, remember) I will do more designing of the background rather than just a plain white.

So after I printed them all out, separated them, and the lamination machine and sheets showed up, I got to try the machine out. It is very simple. Turn it on, wait for it to warm up, put your paper inside the sleeve, put the sleeve in the machine, let the machine do the work. The only thing I did extra, was if they were a little cloudy, I put them through the machine a second time. Out of 78, I only ran 9 through twice.

I didn't purchase the clips or clear rubber holders for them, but instead went with fun polka dot ribbon. I purchased the ribbon from Michael's, 10 yards for only $2.99. For 78 luggage tags, I got 5 rolls of ribbon. I used grosgrain ribbon and cutting it at a slight angle will prevent it from fraying too much. I simply looped it through the tag so that the polka dots will show when they are looking at their names.

Then came the tags for the tag. I know, kind of silly, but each gift needs a tag to go with it, even if the gift itself is a tag. So using a small shipping tag from Office Depot, I hand stamped the "Bengal Paw" and colored the edges with ink. I then hand wrote with Flair markers, "Use the tag for your bag. Tie it tight with all your might." and the date of the event they are getting it at.

I really liked how they turned out. They are fun with the polka dots, but extremely practical for their dance bags. Every one of the girls loved to see their names personalized on the tags. I do plan on making these for the next two years. I may get the captains for next years squad involved to see if there is a design that they would like to use throughout the year and use it on the background of the tags.  They can also be customized by the individual girls if they want to stick rhinestones on them. Ours will probably stay plain so that they all match, but thinking of dance studio girls, you know they will rhinestone them up :)

Final Costs:

With that machine, sheets, ribbon and tags, they were $.86 each! I had budgeted $3 each for this event, so now I can add another gift for a dance show this fall!

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  1. What a cute idea! And for 86 cents a tag.. you can't beat that!

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  3. Not only are these very cost-effective, but the cute polka-dot ribbon makes these tags so special. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday on Organized 31.