Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Bucket List #2 Completed - Tornado Alley @ the Science Museum of Minnesota

My hubby's Summer Bucket List item was to make it to the Science Museum of Minnesota to watch Tornado Alley in the IMAX before it left for the next museum. You can read all about our Summer Bucket list here to see what we have accomplished this summer.
We had some time to kill before the movie started, so we let the kids loose on the Musical Stairs. I have included a short video. The stairs have laser lights that when broken make a musical note.  

We went on a Sunday night over Memorial weekend, thinking most people are out of town at their cabins and the theater shouldn't be very busy. It was also only playing until the end of June, so we needed to get there fast before it was gone.

My family was a huge fan of the TV show Storm Chasers. That show was covering Sean Casey's filming of this remarkable movie. They were excited to see the footage of him finally capturing the birth of a tornado on Imax film.

The movie itself was great. I personally get dizzy for the first few minutes of any Imax movie, and having it be jumpy with them storm chasing, kept me dizzy throughout most of this movie. It was a short movie of only about an hour and in my husbands eyes, didn't have enough actual tornado footage. They all tend to like the actual tornado footage because it is something that they will never experience in their lives. Hubby liked the more behind the scenes of what the teams actually go through to storm chase. I personally believe that this would be his dream job, but there is no way I am letting him do it!

This Summer Bucket List item was still a great one. We ended up seeing a movie that Hubby has wanted to see for quite a few years. We also got a discounted family membership to the museum, so we will be able to go back and explore the whole museum for a whole year now.

You will also have to excuse the pictures of my goofy kids. Now-a-days they are into making "Creeper" faces every time I pull out a camera. The little guy had a perfect creeper face in this picture. It was so dark I couldn't see him to tell him to knock it off.

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  1. This looks like fun. Gotta put something like this on MY summer list, too! Like Mystic, maybe...