Thursday, June 13, 2013

Family Night - Bowling

You don't always need to spend alot of time or money to have a good Family Night. This past weekend we went to the neighborhood blowing alley for a family night of bowling. You know my family, we can never go anywhere without extra kids, so the girls boyfriend tagged along this time.

We had a coupon for 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental, a large pizza and unlimited pop for 5 people for just $30. Since I sprained my ankle on Saturday (long story), I wasn't going to be bowling. So I cheered, took pictures and drank tons of pop.

We had decided to go in off hours so that it wouldn't be crowded, and boy did we pick the right time. During most of our two hours, we were the only people in the place except for the workers! We had struck up a conversation with one of the shift managers and he helped us to have a good time also. He was joking around and putting the bumpers up for the older kids and taking them down for the little guy. We never knew if they were going to be there or not. Because there weren't many other bowlers in the alley, we were able to be silly, loud and dance everywhere. The videos are below of how crazy the boys can dance. You can tell they were having a great time, and no that is not how they normally dance, they were trying to see who could make the rest of us laugh harder.

After a good time bowling, the manager offered to show us behind the alley to show the kids how the pin and ball return worked. They loved it. I, myself, had never been behind the scenes of a bowling alley either, so it was a good learning experience for everybody. My little guy wants to be an inventor when he grows up, so this was the perfect tour for him. I could almost hear the wheels turning in his head thinking about how all the pieces and parts were working together.

So for $30 and two hours of time, family night is within reach. We plan on doing this again as everybody had such a great time.

And now on to the embarrassing videos of the boys dancing :)

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