Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pinterest Pin-Test Part 2 - Mailing Plastic Easter Eggs through the Post Office

You can read the first part of this story here.

In the first posting you read about how my 8 year old tried mailing plastic Easter eggs through the US Postal Service. We mailed 6 out to family and friends, and one to ourselves to see how they handled it through.


It worked with flying colors! We mailed them out on a Wednesday morning, and by Friday's mail, we had received ours and his friends the next town over had received theirs too. They even made a YouTube video to thank him and posted it online (how cute!). The furthest egg to travel went to Phoenix Arizona. They didn't receive theirs until Monday morning, but better late than never. Their mailman walked the egg up to their door because it wouldn't fit through their mail slot. I am thinking it might have made his route a little more fun that day.

Pinterest Pin-Test Conclusion:

Children gave it: Two thumbs WAY up, they want to do it again.
Husband gave it: Wow I can't believe that worked.
I gave it: Two thumbs up. We will be doing flip flops for somebodies Sweet 16 this fall :)

I have also noted that we either need a new mailbox, or need to paint the one we have! Wow that thing is rusty!

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