Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pinterest Pin-Test: Chicken Salad Crescent Rolls

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Now onto the Chicken Salad Crescent Rolls...

The Original Pin was from this site.  The original picture is to the right.

The Test:

The reason I like pins like these are that from one picture, you are able to figure out the whole recipe. I made up a batch of my families favorite Chicken Salad, recipe is from here.  And yes, it is delicious! After making up the chicken salad and allowing it to cool over night, I got ready for the roll ups for Tuesday Dinner. I used two tubes of crescent rolls, because my family loves both crescents and chicken salad. I laid the crescents flat and put a spoonful of chicken salad onto each triangle. Rolled them up and pinched the edges to keep them sealed. Popped them onto a Pampered Chef baking stone and into the oven for 15 minutes at 400 degrees. The original recipe calls for poppy seeds on top, but we left those off.


Children gave it - Two thumbs
Husband gave it - Two thumbs
I gave it - Two thumbs

I thought the chicken salad lost a little of it's flavor, but was still good. I think it needed a few more spices. The cold version of my chicken salad is delicious, the baked inside a croissant was more "chickenie" flavored and not so chicken salad flavored, if that makes sense.

The best part is getting the Rotisserie chicken with a coupon for $1.49 and the crescents with a coupon and on sale for around a dollar. The rest of the ingredients I had on hand. It takes a little preparation before hand, but the results are worth every extra minute! I served mine with some pita chips on the side. Two was enough, but hubby needed three to fill him up :)

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