Friday, April 5, 2013

Our Easter Morning Tradition

We have had a fun Easter morning tradition since about 2006. I think I originally read about it in a Family Fun magazine. But looking for it on their website, I was unable to locate anything.

Our Easter Bunny has alot of energy. He likes to tie a piece of string or yarn to his tail and jump all over the house. He ties one end of the yarn to the kids bedroom door knob, hops all over the house and the other end ends up tied onto their hidden Easter Basket. Each child normally has a different yarn color that coordinates with their baskets. The girl almost always has pink, the boys switch between blue, green and orange. But with them each having a different color, they can look ahead to the next room and see how crazy their yarn has become. It is fun to follow them through the house and see their expressions when they see where their yarn has gone. Our little one is also a little afraid of being in the basement by himself, and the Easter Bunny hid his basket down there to show him it wasn't scary. He ran right down the stairs not even remembering to be afraid.

Now I am assuming that the Easter Bunny does his yarn jumping AFTER hiding all of the Easter eggs. I am also assuming that he would hide the basket first, "hop" around the house and end it at their bedroom door right before going to bed for the night.

This has been a real fun tradition each year as the kids are getting older. The older they get, the harder the yarn seems to get too. If the weather has been nice, the yarn has gone outside, all the way back to the swing set once! It goes into the garage, the basement and office. The railings seem to be the most fun for that little bunny as he flips and hop through every rail.

The one thing that we tend to take special care of each night before Easter, are the pets. We had a cat forever, and he liked to chew yarn, so those years, that darn bunny would jump real high to keep the yarn up as far as it could go. One year we had a puppy that was CRAZY, that year the puppy slept in his kennel. And now with just little, fat Fluffy being our only pet, she tends to sleep in our bedroom with the door closed every Holy Saturday night. It keeps her from running through the web of yarn and also out of the hidden eggs and chocolate.

What is your favorite crazy Easter tradition? Share with the rest, and you could be helping a young family start their own tradition some day!

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  1. This is a very cool thing. When I was a kid my sister did this for one of my birthday parties. We were running all over the house following our string. Would love to have you share this at What to do Weekends Party also. Following you. Linda

  2. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

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