Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Pinterest Pin-Test Breakdown

This Easter turned out to be a Pinterest Pin-Test day. Below is a short breakdown on each of the different Pinterest ideas that we worked into our Easter traditions this year. Some worked, some did not. Check out below to get the scoop:

Baking Hard Boiled Eggs:

Original Pin:

The Test: 

So with three dozen eggs to dye this year and five kids to help, I figured I would try baking the eggs in the oven. It sounded easy enough and I could get the table and dyes all ready while they were baking. I baked 36 eggs on a cookie sheet at 325 for exactly 30 minutes. I had a large bowl of ice water ready to dunk them into when the timer when off. After drying them off from their ice water bath, the kids took to dying them. You can read about that below. The Easter Bunny did a great job hiding them all over the house for Easter morning fun. You can read about our Easter Basket tradition here.  After all the eggs were found again, I started to peel them to make deviled eggs to go along with our breakfast...

That is where it went horribly wrong. They were SOFT boiled and still runny! Guess there wasn't going to be any deviled eggs or egg salad this year :( I was very sad about that one. My husband and oldest son had fun chucking them into the sink with the garbage disposal, but that was not what I had in mind for the three dozen eggs we had just ruined.


Children gave it - Two thumbs down, but enjoyed throwing them
Husband gave it - Two thumbs down, he loves egg salad
I gave it - Two thumbs down, upset about losing 3 dozen eggs

I might need to experiment more with this one in the future. I can't see that placing them on a cookie sheet instead of a muffin tin would make any difference. So I will have to play with the cooking time. I would suggest if you are going to try this, try one egg first to see if it cooks all the way through before throwing a whole dozen in the oven.

Dying Easter Eggs with a Whisk:

Original Pin: