Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Day Cupcakes Pinterest Pin-Test

Earth Day is a newer holiday that is catching steam as the years go by. The more people are becoming aware of how fragile our environment is the more popular this new holiday is becoming.

We normally celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up a roadway, a park, or in front of a building that has tons of cigarette butts, but this year was different. As you can see by the pictures below, there was a fresh 10+ inches of snow in our backyard! So any thoughts about cleaning up the outside had to be changed. Planting anything is crazy as the ground is still frozen, so we went with baking!

The Test:

The original pin was from this web site. Even though there were no instructions just pictures, we were able to figure it out quite easily. I did not do the heart in the middle of the cupcake, as the kids wanted to just eat them.

We used a box of lemon cake mix (I didn't have any white mix on hand). I followed the recipe on the side of the box and mixed it in a large Pampered Chef batter bowl. Then when the ingredients were all mixed, I poured a small amount, probably a cup, into a smaller measuring cup. We added quite a few drops of green to the smaller mix to get a nice green grass color. To the larger mix we had to add a bunch of blue food coloring. The mix is lemon remember...the batter had a yellow hue to it, so it kept turning green! After a bunch of food coloring, we didn't care anymore and left it.

My little guy was helping and was in charge of the green. I poured a small amount of the blue mix into a sprayed muffin tin. He then added a spoonful of green on top of the blue and I drizzled a little more blue on top of his green. It sounds more confusing that it really is. We filled 12 muffin tins and then poured the rest into a small cake pan using the same method of mixing the colors. Into the oven they went following the box instructions.


They were a fun project to make, they tasted yummy, the insides looked better than the outside. I might use paper liners next time. I would also use white cake mix to get better colors.

Children gave it -Two thumbs up
Husband gave it -Two thumbs up
I gave it - Two thumbs up
Co-workers gave it - Two thumbs up

See the snow in the picture above! Earth Day is one of my favorites. You don't have to cook a large meal, entertain family and friends or wear fancy clothes. You just need to find something the helps the environment, in your yard, town, state, county or the world as a whole. No small project is a wasted project. How did you celebrate Earth Day?

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