Friday, April 19, 2013

April Snow Storm...

Minnesotans are a hearty bunch, but enough with the snow this spring already!

My kids go to the largest school district in the state, and  they NEVER get snow days. They watch their friends in the neighborhood next door (and different school district) get snow days all the time. Well the winter of 2013 will go down in history as they have received TWO snow days this year. Even the kids were shocked!

I told you in this post that we were expecting more snow, and by the way it is supposed to snow more this weekend and into next week too... :( So I just thought I would show you what I have been posting to my Instagram account. You can follow me on Instagram by clicking on the left.

There were two different plowing times, and poor Fluffy got stuck in the snow in the morning just trying to go to the bathroom. She had to turn around in her little spot to get back to the house. We ended up with 10+ inches of snow at our house, and hubby is off to his work for the long process of plowing out a used car dealership lot. Drive safely everyone!

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