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Pinterest Pin-Test Part 1 - Mailing Plastic Easter Eggs through the Post Office

This is a different type of Pin-test that I am trying with Pinterest. It is not a recipe, or a decorating idea, but a Easter egg-periment (get it). 

Here is all the linking information to check out the original posting that I found on Pinterest. I have read quite a few of her ideas and have some more ideas in my head that we will probably try this summer :)

Original Pin:
A few quotes on how to do this: "I got thinking about the fun of discovering eggs during an egg hunt, and thought it might be fun to discover one or two in a mail box. So I packed a few up with goodies, stuck on a label and a few stamps, and am dropping them in a big blue mailbox today." 

So with her instructions in mind I headed to the dollar store in search of a few bigger plastic Easter eggs. I found 6 great ones that had designs on the outside of them! Bought some candy that was peanut-free, as one of the boys we were going to mail it to has an allergy, and bought some fun tape. The rest I had at home. 

At home I had my three children and a few extra teenagers hanging around. (There are always extra teenagers at our house) I took my 8 year old to the table and said we were going to do a craft project. Gave him some small pieces of paper and colorful pens and told him to write: To: Nina & Bumpa Happy Easter! Love, Timmy" and to change the names for who we were going to mail them all to. 

We have been in our new house for about 9 months now, and the last house we lived in was the house that Timmy was born in. So his best friends in the world were all the neighbors that were close to his same age. We decided that we needed to surprise them with an Easter Egg in the mail.  The other eggs went to cousins, Grandparents and a favorite Uncle. And we also mailed one back to our self to see if it would work, and then we could see how they made it through the post office too.

So inside the eggs we stuffed, 2 smarties candies, 6 Starbursts and his note. I forgot to add Easter grass, but the egg was pretty full already, maybe next time. We then taped the egg together with black electrical tape to make sure it didn't bust open. Over that we placed fun tape and the label with our return address and the recipients address larger. Above the label, we put 3 - $1 stamps. I wasn't sure how many exactly it would take, and I am not brave enough yet to take them to the post office for prices. 

The extra teenagers, and even my own said how fun of an idea it was. They all said they would love to get an egg in the mail. That night while tucking the little guy into bed, he thanked me for doing the project with him. He likes craft projects, and he can't wait to see if his egg comes back to him. I drove past the post office this morning and dropped them into the big blue box. I am just hoping that there is enough time to get them there by this weekend...

I will update with post #2 if and when it comes back! Then I will give you my results of this Pintrest Pin-Test! Cross your fingers!

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UPDATE: You can read the conclusion of this story here!

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