Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easy Malibu Rum and Grapefruit Juice Vacation Drink Recipe

For those of you that follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed a lot of grapefruit recipes that I have been pinning lately. Well...my family and I took a Spring Break trip last week to Sun City Arizona to visit with my parents. We bought a car and truck while down there to drive back for my husband's job and I happened to plan ahead for one activity I was planning for while we were there.

You see my folks have orange and grapefruit trees in their back yard. They also have a neighbor that needed his trees "picked" too. So I put my kiddos on the task of gleaning the trees. Being born and raised in Minnesota, this is not a job to them because it is not something that they get to do everyday. My Dad sent them out with a basket picker and a hook picker and they stripped those trees almost bare. The last grapefruit tree was so full and so large that they couldn't reach most of them at the top. So we had to settle with only 3 large bags of grapefruit and two bags of oranges. Darn right...

I am not a huge grapefruit fan, really who is? They are bitter to eat plain and you have to add tons of sugar to make them bareable. So I started thinking what was I going to do with all of them? I knew I was going to bring in a bag to work to leave in the breakroom. I knew my little guy wanted to bring one to his teacher. So I needed to think. There is one form of grapefruit that I love...Malibu Rum and Grapefruit Juice! I had a plan!

My oldest son was more than happy to help. He washed 6 grapefruits, and juiced them for me. Once the other two kids heard him juicing them, they wanted to help too. He let each of them do one fruit, but he really wanted to make this his project. After juicing 6 of them, we poured the juice into a pitcher, added a heaping cup of sugar and stirred until dissolved.  I then put ice cubes into a tall glass, poured half a glass of juice, two shots of Malibu Rum, and finished off the glass with cold water. After stirring well is was ready to taste. OH MY GOODNESS! It was so good, sweet not bitter and had the wonderful coconut rum flavor. I made four glasses of the alcohol version for the adults, and the kids were stuck with plain grapefruit juice. If I had coconut extract, that would have worked for virgin versions for the kids a little better. I will do that at home to try it out with all these extra grapefruits.

I plan to juice the oranges at home and add vodka to them to make fresh Screwdrivers too. And with all the extras, I will be slicing and drying them to sell on Etsy.

Malibu & Grapefruit

6 large grapefruits (washed)
1 cup sugar
3 oz Malibu Rum (per drink)
6 cups cold water
Ice cubes

Juice the 6 large grapefruits either by hand or with a juicer. Pour into large pitcher. Pour in one cup of sugar, stir to dissolve.

In individual glasses, add ice cubes and approximately one cup of sugared juice. To that add 3 oz of Malibu Rum. Top off the glass with cold water. Stir all together. To be real festive, serve with straw and paper umbrella. Enjoy!

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