Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cheap (and fun) Way to Dye Easter Eggs

My family has been dying Easter eggs in this fashion for about four years now. I have to be honest, covering the kitchen table in newspaper, digging out old coffee mugs, and soaking color tablets in vinegar does not sound like a good time to me. Plus that much vinegar makes the house stink for a couple of days. A few years back I found out how to "Tye Dye" Easter eggs, and we have been doing it ever since.

All you need is a sink, a strainer, hard boiled eggs, vinegar and regular food coloring. Start by hard boiling your eggs, and let them cool completely before coloring. In a strainer over the sink place the first egg. Cover the egg in vinegar. Vinegar is so very cheap, and we all have it in our house already, don't be afraid to really cover the whole egg. Be sure to do it over the sink for easy clean-up.

Add drops of food coloring, one by one. You can do just one color, or multiple colors. Experiment with colors.

When you have all the colors you want, slowly and gently wiggle the egg in the strainer. The more you wiggle it, the more the colors will blend. The less wiggling, the more of a tye dye look you will get.

My older kids do everything but covering with vinegar. They add the color and wiggle the eggs. They also rinse the strainer between eggs to not mix the color too much. You must rinse between eggs, or they will all come out muddy looking.

Ta-da, tye dyed Easter eggs. This way is neater, just rinse it down the sink. Quicker, it took us about 30 minutes to do 24 eggs, 8 per kid. And I think they are more unique than regular eggs dipped in cups. You can still use the crayons to write on them, or rubber binders to make stripes. This is mostly just a different way to do the actual dying. Plus you don't have to spend the $4.00 to buy the dye kits anymore!

How do you dye your Easter eggs. Do you have a new way for us to try next year? Leave a comment and share.

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