Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dance Gifts - How to Personalize a Water Bottle Gift

My daughter has been a dancer for 13 years now, and this is her first year on the High School Dance Team. Being the Crafty Mom that I am, I signed up to help out with the Hype Committee that gives the girls gifts before certain games or competitions.

Hype is a committee under the Booster Club for the Dance Team. With this being my first year with the boosters, I did kind of sit back and watch during the fall season. So when the committee chair needed help during the winter season, I stepped up to help. I volunteered to do two gifts for two different events. We are given a budget to stick with and are reimbursed back for the materials used. 

The first event I ordered pink water bottles from Discount Mugs. They had pink water bottles on clearance. Our team colors are light and dark blue, but they are girls, so pink it was. I used a simple Microsoft Word Publisher to get a design that I liked. I "borrowed" clip art and added the team name. After about 5 designs, I printed them out and had my daughter pick the one she liked the best. I figured if she liked it, there was a better chance that the rest of the team would like it too.
I had them printed in a dark blue to try to get some of the school color into it. They are pretty dark and almost looked black, but that was fine. I ended up getting 75 bottles for just $2.41 for each bottle, so I was well within my budget for this gift. There was free shipping and free set-up, plus I Googled "Discount Mugs coupon codes" and was able to find a 20% off online discount coupon to get the price even lower.

I then went to Office Max to buy the tags for the gifts. All gifts are supposed to have a inspirational saying on the gifts to get the girls "hyped up" before the event. Office Max has mailing labels that come in different sizes and different material to hang them with. I went for the larger size with the thread type of hanger. You can see the smaller tags in this posting. They are made from a heavy duty card stock in a manila color and reinforced hole so they won't rip. Tags come in all sizes and colors, I was just trying to keep my costs down and used mailing tags. The saying came to me in the shower one morning, and hash tags were used because they are all addicted to Twitter right now.

Because it was right after Christmas, I then headed over to Michael's to check out their rubber stamps and inks that might be on sale. I found a paw print rubber stamp which I will be able to use for the next three years on Hype Tags, and I bought 5 different colors of ink that was all marked down to $1.19 each in an after Christmas clearance sale. SCORE!

The last item I needed was the Crystal Light packets to go inside of the water bottles. I waited as long as I could before the event for them to go on sale at any store. Target ended up having them on sale the week before I needed to deliver the gifts. Their sale was for buy 3 get one free. I ended up with one lemonade and one raspberry lemonade in each bottle.

I had all the makings, I just had to make the tags and assemble the water bottles then. After about 4 hours of writing each tag I was exhausted. You can see the saying above, I used felt markers to get the fun colors, and wrote over the words twice with two different colors. I then stamped the paw print in the corner and used the side of the ink pad to add color to the edge of the tag. It really gives it a finished look.

Because the water bottles were one size fits all, and were not personalized with the girls name, the one tag was all that was needed. A huge thanks goes to my two boys! They are the ones that helped me assemble them all. We sorted the two flavors of Crystal Light, opened the water bottle one at a time, inserted two packs, and screwed the top back on catching the tag strings in the cover to hold it on. We had 75 total to do, it took the three of us about half an hour to finish them. To the left is one bag of 25 that were finished.

I personally think they turned out great, the girls liked them and they are using them! That was the true test. They ended up costing $2.99 each after everything. Way under budget, which helps to use that extra money for a different gift that may have gone slightly over budget.

I will be posting other Hype Gifts that I am doing, as of next year I am the committee chair. The gal doing it this year, her daughter is a senior and with mine only being a freshman, I said I would take it over. Wish me luck, and let me know which gift ideas you have done for your little sports stars. I will need more ideas for the next three years :)

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  1. hi! how did you print the actual water bottle label? I would LOVE to make my own!