Monday, December 3, 2012

This is Fluffy's Bath time!

You may have seen the earlier post about our dog Fluffy trying to be the Pet-of-the-Week at the University of Minnesota here. Well, she didn't even come close to winning :(  but that's ok. We had a fun time trying to take her picture with that baseball hat on. She HATES the camera.

Fluffy is a Pekineses Shizu mix and has horribly long hair that mats up quickly. She is about 7 years old and about 20 pounds overweight. We rescued her from the Humane Society two years ago. And she has seriously been the best dog we have ever had. She is so good that if the first child home from school forgets to let her outside after being home alone for 6 hours, she patiently waits for somebody to let her out so she can get some relief.

She is not the best leash walking dog. Because she is so overweight, she takes shorter walks and prefers to just smell everything rather than actually walk. We have had her on a diet since she joined our family, but I am afraid she has our bad eating habits and is not dropping the weight like we all wish we could.

Our latest adventure was to try to bath her at home to save a costly trip to the groomer. Well as you can see, she didn't really like the tub as much as we hoped she would. The youngest thought it was more fun than her. He liked dumping cups of water on her to rinse her off. He then learned about how dogs shake themselves to get the water off.

Her next adventure will be pictures with Santa Claus at our local shopping mall. We has never done this before, but humans can be in the picture too, so she might be a little calmer with us all there with her. All of the proceeds go to the Human Society that we adopted her from, so it is a win/win. I will be sure to add pictures of that adventure also. You can follow along with "What is Fluffy up to now?" label on the side to see all the posts about what she is up to. Now keep in mind, she is a calm, quite, shy dog, so the adventures might not be as exciting as you think, but she loves them just the same.

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