Monday, December 17, 2012

Boring Hollow Core Interior Doors

What kind of internal doors do you have in your house? Nice solid core doors with a decorative front? Or hollow core doors, which in my opinion are boring, plain, boring and boring.

We are slowly going through our new house room by room and trying to make it more our vision of what the house should be. This weekend we started to tackle our downstairs bathroom, which happens to mostly be our teen daughters bathroom. When moving into the new house, we asked her how she wanted her bathroom painted. It started off with low ceilings, red paint and horrible wood accents everywhere. (I will show you the before and after when it is complete.) She thought it would be fun to have a New York bathroom as her theme.

I had ideas for the walls (later post). But I was not happy with the hollow core door. I didn't really have the extra money to replace it just yet. I do plan to in the future, so I was trying to make the most of what I had.

I had read on Pinterest about water color painting with hot glue and salt, and thought it sounded like fun. Why can't I do that on a door? My husband removed the door from the frame and placed it on saw horses for me. I measured out and painter taped out two boxes onto the door. I then used plain old Elmers School Glue that I had bought too many of at back to school time, and "quilted" with the glue. I am a quilter and love meandering stitching, so I used that same principal. The goal of my design was to keep the spacing equal, not let two lines cross, and to have no sharp corners, that is the same goal when I quilt.

After doing two coats of the glue and letting it dry overnight, I was ready for painting. I already had white semi-gloss paint from the trim in her bedroom, so I used that. A small roller and three coats later I was almost there. My lovely husband liquid nailed a trim around the edges so it looked more finished, one more top coat of white paint and it was ready to hang again!

It was hard to get a good picture of white on white, so I took a few to show you how it looks.

With a nice new rubbed bronze handle, I think it turned out pretty cool!

This part of the design was my favorite. To me it looks like the seaweed from Sponge Bob. 

Tried with a flash to see if the detail would show up better. 

Still have tape on the walls from the "New York" skyline I am painting this evening.

Close-up with the door knob to show the size.

I still have to paint the outside of the door, as this is the inside, but overall I am very happy with my design. The glue dried a little flatter than I was expecting, but it was still cool looking. Painting it white might not have been the smartest idea if people run their hands over it, it might get dirty faster. But another coat of paint and it will freshen back up again. I was also contemplating rubbing in a brown glaze over it to make it pop out more, but the whole bathroom it going to be in black, white and grays, so a brown glaze wouldn't have matched my design.

What have you done to dress up your hollow core doors? I still have quite a few more to go, and can't quite afford to replace them all just yet. Leave a comment to let me know what has worked for you in the past.


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