Thursday, November 15, 2012

Updating your Kitchen Handles for under $20

Moving into a new house is expensive. Not just the moving costs, but updating and changing the previous owners style to your own. My family and I bought a 1992 modified 2-story in June of 2012. We are all moved in (but not totally unpacked yet). The house is what some people have described as an Easter egg house. Every room is a different, bright color. We have painted the bedrooms, because waking up to a wrong color is not the way to start your morning.

We have not started to tackle the main living spaces yet, but sitting and working in my kitchen, I had an issue with the kitchen drawer pulls and handles. They were gold and white and outdated. I have over 35 pulls throughout the kitchen, and the ones I priced out were $4.50 each. There was no way I was going to pay over $150 for kitchen hardware on cabinets I don't even like! My goal is to paint the cabinets someday, but that day hasn't come yet. So I decided to paint the handles to get me by until I can paint the cupboards and get the handles that I really want.

Here is how I changed mine out in the kitchen:

1. Remove all the handles form the drawers and doors. Keep the screws in a cup so that you don't loose any along the way. Wash the handles in a bucket of soap and water to get the years of grease and grim off of them. Lay them to dry on a towel in the sun, flipping if needed.

2. Find a large box to spray paint in. I used a moving box.

3. Purchase the spray paint and finish coat that you are looking for. I used a Rust-Oleum metallic brown and clear matte finish. Be sure that your spray paint is good for metal, it will help it to stick better.

4. Go outside, line up your handles in the box, shake the paint, and do small coats of paint. I painted the bottoms first so that the white didn't show on the sides. Let them dry completely, turn and paint the other sides. Small coats are better for this project, because you don't want the paint to drip off and make the handle look bad.

5. Let the handles dry completely. Spray light coats of your finisher. This will help to seal in the paint and prevent chipping and wear. I applied two coats for good measure.

6. Screw your handles back into their places in your kitchen.

7. Sit back and admire your work. You have just saved a ton of money and updated your kitchen.

Now you will be looking at the handles in the bathroom, garage, bi-fold doors, craft rooms, and all the other places you have drawers and cupboards in your house. I have seen some people who have different sets of handles. They are painted colors for each season. If you happen to see a bunch of handles for free and want to tackle this, it would be a great way to change the look of your kitchen with each season. Red and green handles at Christmas time, pastels at Easter, maybe even use the green for St.Patrick's day and the red for Valentines Day. The possibilities are only limited by the colors of spray paint that you can buy!

Now sit back in your kitchen, look around. Do you need updated handles and pulls? Let me know what you did to change yours. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of me painting the cupboards in the near future.

My next project in the house: Teen daughter's bedroom.

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  1. nice!!

    thanks for the comment on my Rust and Patina tutorial. Let me know when you do the bells, I want to show my friends.
    I actually have some 4" gold bells at my shop I have been thinking of rusting too.

    PS I have a interest site, and FB page too.
    Let me know if you want names.