Monday, November 19, 2012

Pinterest vs. Facebook

Have you jumped on the Pinterest band wagon? I am head over heals in love with Pinterest. Here are my thoughts about it all:

I like to read, but I really only like to read non-fiction books. I like to learn something when I am reading. Sure I love a good no thinking book once in awhile, but if I am going to take the time to read a book I want to get something out of it.

I think of Pinterest as a non-fiction book and Facebook as fiction. With Pinterest, you have all these opportunities right in front of you. You can:

  • craft something
  • cook something
  • decorate something
  • design something
  • sew something
  • build something
  • grow something
  • plan something
  • teach something
  • be inspired by something
There is so much out there to get your creative juices flowing. With Facebook you can:

  • look at friends pictures of people you don't know
  • get sports scores of your friends children
  • read about your friends political views
  • wish friends a Happy Birthday (even thought you didn't know it was their birthday)
  • read about your friends "perfect" husbands
  • read about your friends "perfect" children
  • be forced to see what your friends "like"
  • see 8 million baby pictures of kids you don't even know
I think I will stick with Pinterest. I use Facebook personally and for three work accounts. You can always follow Grandma Agnes Attic on Facebook too, and I promise you won't see a single baby picture. I am trying to inspire, not brag.

So, due to my love of Pinterest, I will be posting here about different recipes,  crafts, decorating and things I have personally pinned and am trying in my own house to see if they work and how they turn out. Because really, I could pin all day long, but if I don't try them out, what good is pinning them after all?

So follow along with the Pinterest pin-test labels to see how some of the pins have turned out. Good or bad, I will be honest.

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