Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pinterest Pin-test: Waffled Cinnamon Rolls

This is the first Pinterest Pin-test that I have documented and am able to share with you. The purpose of these pin-tests is to take things I find very interesting on Pinterest and try them out in my house. From recipes to crafts, quilt patterns to crochet patterns. You can follow along with my results here, and you can follow me on Pinterest at GrandmaAgnes567. I have also added a click to follow on the right hand side.

Now onto the Waffled Cinnamon Rolls...

Original Pin from here. There were no directions, just a picture, so I used common sense and figured it out.


Waffle Iron
Cinnamon Roll Dough (I used Pillsbury)
Cooking Oil Spray (I used Pam butter flavor)
Butter Knife

The Test:

I turned on the waffle iron to get it heated up. It is a regular cheap waffle iron, nothing special at all. Once is was heated, I open the iron, sprayed both the top and bottom iron with Pam cooking spray. Opened the tube of cinnamon rolls, separated them into individual rolls. Then placed one roll in the middle of each waffle spot, mine fit four.

Then close the lid, smooch the rolls into the iron, and let them cook for about 5 minutes. Caution: your house will start to smell delicious, and if you were hiding these from the kids, they WILL start to smell them and ask what you are cooking.

After five minutes, open the lid, they may be on either iron. Pop them off the iron with your butter knife onto a plate. Set the next four into the iron to cook. Take the frosting that comes with the rolls, and spread small portions into the middle of the waffled Cinnamon rolls. The best part is that the frosting stays put! Continue along with the second batch of rolls, frosting them when finished also.

Waffle Cinnamon rolls

Children gave it - Two thumbs up
Husband gave it - Two thumbs up
I gave it - Two thumbs up
Brother-in-law over text gave it - "Hey where's mine?"

It is a very easy dessert or breakfast item. There are ALWAYS coupons on Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls either in the newspaper or on the tube themselves. They would be easy for holiday mornings, school mornings (as they only take 5 minutes), or served with a bowl of ice cream.

I will use this Pin idea again!

Have a Pin you liked? Comment below with the title and I will try it out for you and let you know my results. Thanks for reading, and remember to Follow me on Pinterest with the button at the top of this blog!

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